Fallen Justice Is Now On The iPhone

by Jeff

fallen_justice_itunes Fallen Justice Is Now On The iPhoneMedia Release — That time has come folks. Fallen Justice is now on the iPhone! In partnership with Graphics Lab 2 we’re proud to be able to bring you the entire Fallen Justice series on the iPhone, offering the first issue for free! And that’s not all! For a limited time issue #2 will also be free, as we honor the promotion we ran during Comic Con. To check it out, click here!

We’ve been live for about 24 hours now and we’re already getting some great reviews!

A Comic Geek writes:
I actually read the paper version of the comic book and when given the opportunity to see how it looked on the iPhone, I jumped at it. The book is great, approaching the super hero genre from a different perspective…the basic idea is you’re the world’s more powerful superhero and you find out you just have a few months to live…what do you do? It’s strong writing, characters, and vibrant art work very well on the iPhone, so check it out!

JimSchrempp writes:
This is the first graphic novel I’ve read on the iPhone. I really enjoyed it. The intense graphics were eye popping. It was a new experience for me on the iP. I want more of this!

Exciting! So check it out, would ya? It’s free to download the first issue, so you’ve got nothing to lose!

Whew! If you get the chance go by and check out the GL2 website! They’ve got a really great looking Fallen Justice roll out skin up, and some fun stuff, including the word of the day, highlighting some of the bigger and more interesting sound FX from the series. Ever wondered just what those BAM and POW sounds really mean? Well check them out as they rotate to find out! Fun stuff, and a great way to keep this promotion rolling along!

In keeping with that, I have to give a HUGE shout out to Kyle Hurlbut, Erik Hendrix, and David Reyes as well as the rest of the GraphicsLab 2 team! These guys put in a ridiculous amount of hours getting the books transferred over into iPhone format and tuning things up so folks could get this product. It is beyond a doubt that this would have never happened without their hard work, dedication, and belief in the work. Well done gentlemen! Well done indeed!

And check out this sweet video we had made up for the release! It will give you a short preview of what the app looks like.

[video:youtube:68wRetF3rDc W:425 H:344]

So there you go folks! Check out those iPhone comics and tell your friends!!

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