Fallen Angels and Forgotten Favorites

by Mr. Long/Short

house-of-M-1-191x300 Fallen Angels and Forgotten Favorites

The comics collecting hobby creates a massive fervor around certain books at certain periods of time. As collectors, these books are things we think, speculate, and talk about quite often. As quick as they come, they are then often forgotten. I call these books fallen angels.

Fallen Angel Comics

House of M #1

House of M was a massively popular mini-series, selling the second most copies of any book in 2005. Marvel is using this series as inspiration for the WandaVision TV show. This variant of Scarlet Witch losing her mind was hugely collectible, selling for $50 or more. I can see demand for this book spiking again when the WandaVision series finally comes out. Recently Charles Murphy revealed that pages from House of M were on the wall of the production team for WandaVision. You can see his discussion of that here. Kevin Feige has also said that WandaVision will play a major role in Phase 4 of the MCU. This fallen angel remains somewhat elusive even today. Keep an eye open for the Director’s Cut variant too, they have a small print run.


Ultimate Spider-Man #1ultimate-spidey-1-198x300 Fallen Angels and Forgotten Favorites

This was one of the first books I bought when I started getting back into collecting comics after college. It hooked me immediately. I went all-in on the Ultimate Universe, the work Bendis and Millar did is amazing. This book had a relatively low print run for the time and the prices shot up to more than $100 and stayed there for a long time. Ultimately (pun intended) the mania faded and collectors moved on. I still have my run of this series. Donny Cates has been flirting with the Ultimate Universe and who knows, this book could once again come to life. Let us not forget the biggest character in comics at the moment (Miles Morales) came from the Ultimate Universe.


New Avengers #1 Quesada Variantnew-avengers-1-1-190x300 Fallen Angels and Forgotten Favorites

This is the first late printing that I can remember really wanting (you all know how I LOVE late printings). A big part of my desire for this book was that it was the first time that we saw the character Ronin (he only appears on the cover of this issue). When Bendis took over Avengers he changed everything for Marvel. This was the start of the demise of the X-Men and the rise of the Avengers. The Sentry made his return to the Marvel universe in this issue. I have no idea what the print run on this book is but based on the fact that I couldn’t find it when it came out in 2005 I assume it is relatively low. I still have trouble finding it today.


Superman #202superman-202-196x300 Fallen Angels and Forgotten Favorites

I’ve always been more drawn to Marvel characters than DC for some reason. That said when Micheal Turner (rest in peace) took over Superman I had to have these books. No matter where I looked, this book was sold out. I honestly don’t remember if issue #202 had any major significance at the time, all I know is that I had to have it. Collectors can now find these fallen angels in dollar bins.



Superman/Batman #1sup-bat-1-196x300 Fallen Angels and Forgotten Favorites

Almost everything I said above applies here as well but with Ed McGuinness doing the pencils. This book disappeared from the shelves and was selling for $20 or more. Alas, the mania passed it is now available for cover price. I am not sure if there is anything that will bring this book back to life but anything is possible I suppose.


Comic book mania is very powerful. It can send books to levels once believed impossible. Some books stay elevated while others come crashing back down to earth. This is part of the fun of our hobby. Some of these fallen angels may rise again. Only time will tell. Thanks for reading.


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