Falcon/Winter Soldier Leak Credible?

by Ariel Lazo

IMG_3880C60942CA-1-203x300 Falcon/Winter Soldier Leak Credible?Since Endgame finished, fans have not stopped talking about mutants, especially the X-Men. Rumors say a Russian villain will be introduced in the Disney Plus TV Series, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Question is who will this baddie be? Keep reading to find out!



In the past few days, news has been hitting many sites such as Small Screen and Inverse with reports of a mutant making their debut in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. Now, we have to take this with a grain of salt, the information did come from 4-Chan, but supposedly it will be our 90’s favorite villain OMEGA RED!


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According to the reports, the show will have scenes in Madripoor as noticed from leaked set photos. While in Madripoor, Sam and Bucky meet with Batroc, the Leaper and Omega Red. They do not say what role he will be playing in this movie, but it was mentioned that he was seen in a Star Wars cantina-style setting. Plus we have been seeing him pop up in the new issue of Wolverine #1 and trying to make his way to Krakoa, slowly becoming a more integral character. Hmm…is there a plot brewing?

Now, how true is this? Who knows! But you know it would make for an amazing storyline to watch! What collector doesn’t remember seeing Omega Red reek destruction on the animated X-Men series? Well, for those few that don’t, here are some key facts and issues you should start grabbing now before they skyrocket.


Intro and First Appearance


697230_x-men-1-195x300 Falcon/Winter Soldier Leak Credible? Omega Red first appeared in comics in 1992 in X-Men #4 but had a preview sketch of him in the final pages of X-Men #1. Named Arkady Gregorivich Rossovich, he was sentenced to suffer in the Russian Super Soldier program becoming Omega Red. He was converted to a cyborg via implanted tentacles of radioactive Carbonadium, which is more malleable yet less durable than Adamantium.

He is one of the few people who truly gave the X-Men a run for their money single-handedly. Question is, how will he appear if he will at all? He has served in the Black Widow Ops program and even in the KGB. Good chance that Black Widow 2 might lay the groundwork for us to see Omega in the MCU.

You may ask yourself, “Self, why is everyone so happy about this?” Simple, it means that the X-Men will be coming to the big screen sooner than later!

Currently, Omega Red’s first appearance in X-Men #4 has an FMV of $100 at a 9.8, but lately have been selling at above $150. But don’t you fret! If that is starting to climb out of your price range, I have a few more key books everyone can afford.

x-men_v2_5-194x300 Falcon/Winter Soldier Leak Credible?Although released on the same day as X-Men #4, What If #33 has a cameo of Omega Red but a low count on the census. Only 12 listed so far with the last 9.8 being sold for about $70.

Last on the list is his second appearance, X-Men #5. As of my writing this it has an FMV of $80 for a 9.8 but only $50 at a 9.6.


Bottom Line

Bottom line people, these keys are selling for cheap and even lower raw. I say grab your tentacles and start grabbing every key you can for now. It may not be a long-term hold, but it will be great when he does get announced. I say when, because with everyone else throwing in a Russian flair into their stories (i.e. Stranger Things and Black Widow) it is only a matter of time that Omega Red will show up.  Well, we know for sure that we will see the X-Men and Marvel’s first family The Fantastic Four, it’s just a matter of time and playing that horrific waiting game. What are your thoughts on this? Do you think he will make it into the MCU anytime soon? Let me know below!


As always Till Next Time, Happy Hunting!


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Charles Gschwend March 6, 2020 - 4:23 pm

I misread “tentacles.” Twice. It made for some interesting theorizing about origins and powers.

Ariel Lazo March 6, 2020 - 4:45 pm

Ha ha ha it makes it that much more interesting! Thank you for reading!


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