Explore alternate realities and timelines in BACK ISSUE #111

by Jeff

DEC182109 Explore alternate realities and timelines in BACK ISSUE #111BACK ISSUE #111 will celebrate alternate realities, including What If and Marvel Earth X.

The press release follows:

Media ReleaseBack Issue #111 is the “Alternate Realities” issue, cover-featuring the 20th anniversary of Alex Ross and Jim Krueger’s Marvel Earth X! Plus: What If?, Bronze Age DC Imaginary Stories, Elseworlds, Marvel 2099, and Peter David and George Perez’s senses-shattering Hulk: Future Imperfect. Featuring Tom DeFalco, Chuck Dixon, Peter B. Gillis, Pat Mills, Roy Thomas, and many more! Featuring an Earth X cover by Alex Ross. Edited by Michael Eury.

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This issue will be in stores Wednesday, March 13, and ships to subscribers on March 6.

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