Experience X-MEN: EVOLUTION Animated Series On MarvelKids.Com

by Jeff

Because You Demanded It! The Emmy-award winning X-Men: Evolution animated series is now available, for free, at Marvel.Com! You can experience the first two episodes of this acclaimed series that depicts the battle between the teenage students of the Xavier institute and the followers of the villainous Magneto! Making matters worse, the X-Men and the Brotherhood attend the same high school! Cyclops, Wolverine, Storm, Jean Grey and more must battle Magneto’s evil forces—but can they survive the x-perience? Find out more right here: http://marvel.com/news/.4793

Marvel.Com will present all 52 episodes of this x-citing animated series and you can start with the first two episodes right here at http://www.marvel.com!

Tune in each Monday for new episodes of X-Men: Evolution on http://www.marvel.com/animation/X-Men~colon~_Evolution!

X-MenEvolution Experience X-MEN: EVOLUTION Animated Series On MarvelKids.Com

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