Existence 2.0 #2 REVIEW

by Jeff

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jun090380d Existence 2.0 #2 REVIEWExistence 2.0 #2 of 3
Image Comics
Spencer & Silas
On Sale August 12th

The plot thickens as someone special from Marko’s past comes forward and Marko/Sylvester starts telling more people what has happened to him but he gets a big surprise about his identity switch. This comic delivers a terrific plot twist, a bunch of brutality and a few humorous moments. The artwork again pulls the reader into the story in the same vein of Criminal. It’s a fantastic second issue to this mini series.

geekgoggle Existence 2.0 #2 REVIEWWhen we left off Marko/Sylvester in the first issue he was going after his (Sylvester’s) daughter. You would think he would find her in this issue maybe setting up a battle for the finale. The genius here is that this issue has little to do with the daughter but instead it deals with the mess that is the mind transfer that Sylvester used to occupy Marko’s body.

Marko/Sylvester is trying to track down the person who hired Sylvester’s killer (Marko), assuming that the person behind it all has his daughter. Eventually he finds Sylvester’s widow, thinking she might be behind it. Instead they both figure where they are coming from as Helen is convinced her husband is now in the body of Marko and Marko/Sylvester is convinced that Helen was not behind the kidnapping and murder. The entire sequence is done well and is very believable. However, all along you get the feeling one or both are not on the level with the other. For example, if Helen is actually distraught about her daughter and/or husband then why is she hanging out reading a book quietly? There’s something else going on here.

Later on, Marko/Sylvester is confronted by Marko’s sister. She throws an enormous wrench in the works as she reveals that Marko has a mental disease. Uh-oh. What happens if Sylvester occupies someone’s mind that is diseased? Is there really a Sylvester or has Marko split off a second personality? There are so many possibilities I have no idea how this comic is going to end. I really can’t even guess what we’ll see next. All of that and we still haven’t dealt with the daughter. For all we know Marko could have killer her and he has no recollection of it.

The artwork is tremendous. There are some scenes of intense gore as a couple of people have some graphic bullet exit wounds in their heads or limps cut off. The art also convey facial expressions very well, especially when Marko comes to the realization that he may have not actually been Sylvester.

This comic is great because it jerks you one way and then back the other way. The reader is left to look at the evidence to try to piece together the mystery, but the facts end changing page to page. It’s been a terrific read so far and I can’t wait to see how this ends.

5 out of 5 geek goggles

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