Excuse Dark Horse while they kiss the SKYMAN

by Jeff

24895 Excuse Dark Horse while they kiss the SKYMANMedia Release — Joshua Hale Fialkov is flying high with his newest superhero creation: a physically challenged African-American military man.

When the previous guy with the moniker turns out to be pretty much a racist jerk — and makes a scene on the Internet — Eric Reid, a crippled sergeant in the Air Force, is tapped to take to the skies in a totally different way as the central hero of Skyman, a four-issue miniseries debuting today from Dark Horse Comics and featuring art by Manuel Garcia.

“We want to bring diversity into what we’re doing,” Fialkov says. “You want to make the fact that the character is African American not a big deal. By actually talking about it, the hope of the book is that it would actually start a conversation more than anything.”

Skyman falls under Dark Horse’s expanding “Project Black Sky” superhero banner and spins out of events of the Captain Midnight series. The Captain recently beat down Reid’s predecessor, a member of the military’s Skyman Program, after he blew up a building during what he considered an act of patriotism.

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