Exclusive Nickelodeon Screening For eigoMANGA Friends And Fans

by Jeff

Check out the hottest new animated series to hit Television- Teapot! The show was created by Greg Eagles the voice of “Grim” on the “Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy” on the Cartoon Network and Dahveed Kolodny-Nagy, creator of Mad Beanz! featured in eigoMANGA Rumble Pak artist and director of animation studio Smorgasbord Productions. Teapot is an 11 year old boy determined to become a rap superstar. One problem- he was born with NO rhythm! But fortunately he has a huge ego to compensate for his lack of skills.

eigoMANGA is extending an exclusive invitation to our friends and fans for an exclusive West Hollywood screening Teapot this weekend! RSVP for the exclusive screening!

DEC084011 Exclusive Nickelodeon Screening For eigoMANGA Friends And Fans

The pilot episode of Teapot will be screening on Nickelodeon in February 2009 The Teapot series currently into production along with Mad Beanz! and Aunt Minnie, Spy Mama as animated series produced independently in Hollywood, California. Eagles and Kolodny-Nagy formed EKN Entertainment to boldly produce independent animated series and have big plans for these series in ’09! For more info on Teapot and these projects, visit Teapot’s Animation Website!

Check out Daveed’s comic book work in Mad Beanz! in the graphic novel Sakura Pakk Versus Rumble Pak: Winner Takes All (Diamond Item Code DEC084011) shipping to stores in February 2009!

RSVP for the exclusive screening!

The Teapot screening event is sponsored by Central Film Company in conjunction with EKN Entertainment, Smorgasbord Productions and Cybergraphix Animation.

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