Evil And Malice Save The World This May

by Jeff

MAR092470D Evil And Malice Save The World This MaySocial Media Release — EVIL AND MALICE, Jimmie Robinson’s all-ages superhero series, finally gets collected this May in a 128-page trade paperback aimed at younger readers!

“A definitive collection of EVIL & MALICE has been a long time coming and I’m very happy it’s with the folks at Silverline Books,” Robinson said said. “Over the years I’ve heard a lot of demand for a superhero series older readers could share with their younger siblings, nieces and nephews. Considering Shadowline’s continued pushes into the younger reader market with their own Silverline Books division, they seemed like the right home to bring back EVIL & MALICE. I’m highly anticipating its upcoming reception with fans – new and old alike!”

EVIL & MALICE: SAVE THE WORLD collects the entire story of Evelyn and Malinda, the 13-year old twin daughters of an infamous (but soft-hearted) villian, The Black Eye. Once a collective of villains makes life miserable for dad, Evelyn and Malinda take it upon themselves to strike back — as superheroes! They’re quickly thrown into a madcap race against time until their father discovers their identities and grounds them for life!

EVIL AND MALICE: SAVE THE WORLD TPB (MAR092470), A 128-page full-color tradepaperback for $14.99, will be in stores May 20th, 2009.

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