“Everyone was Kung-Fu Fighting”: Richard Dragon Kung-Fu Fighter #1

by Norman Robinson III

richard-dragon-kung-fu-191x300 "Everyone was Kung-Fu Fighting": Richard Dragon Kung-Fu Fighter #1The first appearance of Richard Dragon was in Kung-Fu Fighter #1. It is also the first appearance of Benjamin Turner who later becomes Bronze Tiger. In addition to these two character keys, this book is also the first in the Kung-Fu Fighter series. But why buy this obviously outdated character? Put simply, it has a good-sized catalyst. Apparently, Bruce Tim plans to return to an animated franchise with these martial arts heroes. This animated movie or series will involve Richard Dragon, Lady Shiva, and even my personal favorite Bronze Tiger. Oh, did I mention that Bruce Wayne will also be in this animated drama?

If you’re not familiar with Richard Dragon, don’t feel bad he is not in my opinion widely known. I had to consult one of my  LCS DC Comics gurus to explain this enigma. Apparently, Richard Dragon is the ultimate martial artist in DC. He is kind of like a Shang Chi but instead of Marvel, he exists solely in the DC Comics Universe. Dragon has taught many would-be heroes the martial arts: Huntress, Lady Shiva, Oracle, The Question, and Renee Montoya. He is the DC version of a Sensei (teacher), even teaching Wonder Woman his philosophy. His teachings are often for the superhero inclined. Can this most righteous “Gi” wearing martial artist help us kick and punch our way to profits?



richard-dragon-kung-fu-1-191x300 "Everyone was Kung-Fu Fighting": Richard Dragon Kung-Fu Fighter #1Richard Dragon, Kung-Fu Fighter #1

This book was created by Jim Dennis (actually Denny O’Neil’s pen name) it has the first appearance of Richard Dragon. Denny adapted this character from a novel he had written in 1974. The adaptation has the art of Dick Giordano and Leopoldo Duranova, both inks and pencils.  This book is up +48% over the last several years, long-term trend returns are positive. Even the short-term trends have been positive showing +16% returns for the last six months in grade 9.8 (see below).  

Title Grade Last Sale CGC Census Return
Richard Dragon, Kung-Fu Fighter #1 9.8 $312   +48% (Last six months up +16%)
  9.2 $75   +70%


bronze-tiger-194x300 "Everyone was Kung-Fu Fighting": Richard Dragon Kung-Fu Fighter #1The Catalyst

According to one well known online competitive source, “Bruce Trimm plans to return to the Batman Animated franchise. It will be a martial arts animated movie existing in the Elseworlds creation/world.” This animated movie should be a further boost to Richard Dragon, Kung-Fu Fighter #1. Tim will do his magic and could very well create a whole new saga perhaps elevating Richard Dragon to movie status in the process. There is already a strong possibility that we will see Bronze Tiger in the new Suicide Squad movie due out in two years or so. To be safe though, I would suggest a purchase of the actual first appearance of Benjamin Turner as Bronze Tiger you will need to invest in Richard Dragon Kung-Fu Fighter #18  but it will be worth money. Currently, I have no stats on this book, but they are for sale on eBay for pretty reasonable rag prices.




This cover is a barrel of laughs. It shows two guys fighting a horde of people that look like they could benchpress Richard Dragon with their little pinkies. Don’t let the unreality of this hilarious cover dissuade you. Goofy as it might be Richard Dragon, Kung-Fu Fighter #1 could well be worth picking up. Don’t kick this creation to the curb, focus your Chi, and obtain a copy for your dojo (collection) at once.


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