Eternals Reaction: Two New Faces in the MCU

by Matt Tuck

110521A-300x157 Eternals Reaction: Two New Faces in the MCUAfter a year of waiting, Eternals is finally in theaters. While Marvel’s cosmic gods are the focus of the movie, there are two characters with bright futures who steal the show.


In what has been one of the worst-kept secrets in Marvel’s movie history, Eros makes his grand entrance into the MCU. There were unconfirmed reports of him being in the film for a year now, and then a Variety Tweet spoiled the fun for us all. 

The other character to watch is Dane Whitman. The Eternals’ cast and crew made it clear that Dane would not take up his sword in the movie, but the final moments tease him becoming the Black Knight. 

The results are a hot market for these three issues.

Avengers-48-194x300 Eternals Reaction: Two New Faces in the MCUAVENGERS #48

Going into the Eternals’ premiere weekend, there were whispers that Dane may never become the Black Knight in the MCU. After seeing the end-credits scene, that appears far from the truth. Without completely spoiling things, audiences see Dane staring at the ebony blade, also known as Excalibur (yes, that Excalibur). He comes tantalizingly close to taking up the sword but stops just as the scene ends. It clearly sets the stage for Dane to become the Black Knight, and it will cause Avengers #48 to ascend to even higher fair market values.

Earlier this week, an 8.0 sold for $1,436 on November 1. Meanwhile, a 7.5 was purchased for $989 on November 3 after it had been consistently earning $1,110-$1,200 since August.

Captain-Marvel-27-209x300 Eternals Reaction: Two New Faces in the MCUCAPTAIN MARVEL #27

Those in comic circles were fully aware that One Direction’s frontman would appear in a mid-credits scene thanks to early review spoilers. Still, when Harry Styles appeared in his red and gold costume, his fans were sent home happy. That excitement is having a direct impact on Eros’ first full appearance in Captain Marvel #27.

The character debuted alongside his brother, Thanos, in Iron Man #55, which is already an expensive issue to own. Instead of paying those inflated prices, collectors are targeting CM #27, an issue that features Eros in his cover art premiere. Since the news broke that Styles would bring the character to life in the MCU, this issue has been reaching record highs. On Halloween, a 9.6 sold for a record $1,750 after averaging $370 a year ago. Even a 6.0, which was the lowest grade to trade hands online last month, went from being a $34 comic in 2020 to selling for $226 on October 23.

Avengers-232-197x300 Eternals Reaction: Two New Faces in the MCUAVENGERS #232

Although it trails in FMV to Captain Marvel #27, Avengers #232 has been the bigger seller this week. Of course, the price tag will be the major influence on that front, but there’s more to this issue. First of all, it is a classic Eros cover, but the bigger selling point is the name Starfox. It is here that Wasp nicknamed Eros “Starfox,” and the moniker is also being used in the MCU. 

Only days ago, the 9.8 turned heads with an impressive sale. Keep in mind, this issue had never sold for more than $90, and it hadn’t reached that mark since 2013. Then on November 1, a copy obliterated that record with a sale of $1,000. 


Despite any rumors to the contrary, we will see more from the Eternals even if there is not a direct sequel. We also will get plenty more from the Black Knight and Eros, which means their key issues will be on fire for the next several months. By the time there is another announcement concerning these famous faces, the FMVs will explode.

00080221C_Green-Footer Eternals Reaction: Two New Faces in the MCU

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