Eternals Annual #1 Preview

by Jeff

The Eternals head down to Madripor, where they find themselves in a knock-down, drag-out battle with the Young Gods! Get ready for all the action packed, pulse pounding immortal action in Eternals Annual #1! Superstar writer Fred Van Lente (Marvel Zombies 3) and fan favorite artist Pascal Alixe (Marvel Illustrated: Moby Dick) team up to bring you an annual of god-like proportions! With the Horde coming to Earth the Eternals are preparing for the fight of there lives, but when they get caught in a fight with the Young Gods they may not survive to face him. The Young Gods, beings created by the Celestials, are determined to discover the truth of there origins. What is there purpose? Why were they created? They are here and they’re going to get the answers out of the Eternals-BY FORCE! Presented with a jaw-dropping cover by red-hot, superstar Ed McGuinness (HULK)!   

Witness the Eternals vs. The Young Gods in a God War for the Ages! What is the truth behind the Young Gods? It’s a revelation that will shake the Eternals to there core. You cannot afford to miss all the immortal carnage in Eternals Annual #1

Illustrated by PASCAL ALIXE
Rated A … $3.99
FOC-10/23/08, On-Sale-11/12/08

Eternals_Annual_01_Cover Eternals Annual #1 PreviewEternals_Annual_01_Preview1 Eternals Annual #1 PreviewEternals_Annual_01_Preview2 Eternals Annual #1 PreviewEternals_Annual_01_Preview3 Eternals Annual #1 PreviewEternals_Annual_01_Preview4 Eternals Annual #1 Preview

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