Empowering Lady Thor

by Michael Vlachakis

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Are you already planning on speculation for the upcoming Marvel offerings?  If you are, I have a question for you:  Are you putting as much “value” into a character that is going to premiere on Disney+ streaming rather than focusing on the major films in Phase IV?  This is the main question that I am pondering for the future of my collection.  What is the real impact of Disney+ on the speculation market?  Are we going to see gains that are equivalent to those of theater released films?

Phase IV of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is drawing a bunch of attention among speculators.  If you happen to own a first appearance of Blade, you probably have a smile on your face.  The comic values have mostly been driven by MCU film appearances… while characters making appearances outside the main Marvel films have not seen the same value rise comparatively.  Disney+ is also creating a bit of a valuation crisis on some books.  Moon Knight is an exciting prospect for fans, as is Kamala Khan, She-Hulk, and the rest of the purported shows that will arrive on the streaming service, yet we don’t know their true impact on prices until after they debut.  If we are turning to the recent Netflix shows like Punisher, Luke Cage, and Daredevil, we may expect that the Disney+ series will have little to no effect on comic values.  However, early speculation has shown an immediate rise in theses character’s first appearance books.

The initial effects of Disney+ streaming shows are visible on the market.  She-Hulk #1 has seen a regular bump above the $500 threshold for a 9.8 graded book.  Marvel Spotlight #28, features the first solo Moon Knight story and is seeing gains across the board.  Kamala Khan is now ridiculously out-priced in comparison to heroes of similar stature (same relative first appearance time, exposure in comic offerings, popularity among fans, etc.) and her trajectory does not seem to be slowing down.  All of these characters are seeing the expected pop of being announced as a Disney+ streaming project…now time will tell if these gains hold or if they slowly slip away…just like those Ronin gains.

Of all the recent value pops that have occurred on the market, none has been bigger than What If? #10 which featured an off-cannon view of “if Jane Foster had become Thor”.  Lady Thor has been selling wildly since it was announced that Natalie Portman would carry the Hammer of Thor in the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder due up in Phase IV.  This is a pop in price that I expect to be maintained over time for a few reasons.  Although What If? comics are typically not cannon, this issue has stood out as a “special” comic by collectors even prior to Natalie Portman’s secret return in End Game and the announcement of her upcoming stint as Thor.  All this conjecture and unknown leaves a little wiggle room for a nothingburger to come out of the role, but due to the fan feedback and excitement, you can expect a Lady Thor to be good business for Marvel.

What Disney+ streaming show has the most potential?  Do you feel like these series will be more geared toward current Marvel fans or trying to gain new ones?  Drop your comments and join the speculation!

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