Empowered Volume 2 Arrives September 07

by Jeff

Empowered returns for further misadventures as the peril-prone girl-wonder struggles with life on the super-heroic C-list! Clad–or unclad, as fate would too often have it–in her embarrassingly revealing and maddeningly unreliable super-suit, she fights a never ending battle against overly sensitive super-villains, irrationally envious super-heroines, and her own body-image issues! Meanwhile, her boyfriend, Thugboy, plays with fire when he foolhardily attempts to compliment his profoundly insecure sweetheart on the awe-inspiring power of her . . . well, booty. And her often-inebriated gal-pal, Ninjette, pursues a drunken and ultimately disastrous mission to acquire Empowered some respect-by force if necessary! All this, plus crossword-obsessed goons, speech-impaired super-beasts, “Ninjas Gone Wild,” and even a few self-help hints from nigh-omnipotent cosmic overlords!

Writer/artist Adam Warren adds: “No, wait, this press release needs more exclamation points! Also in this volume: Emp goes undercover as the less-than-subtle, glasses-and-garters-clad ‘Sexy Librarian!’ Her clingy super-suit not only asphyxiates a bad guy, but also gets its House on and diagnoses a lethal illness-and gets used as a prophylactic, to boot! Ninjette reveals the two most exotic arts of the ninja: namely, ‘cosplay’ and videogame reviewing! Thugboy faces off against an allegedly magical sock monkey! Supervillains and hapless minions get the crap kicked outta them! It’s all here, folks!”

Adam Warren first displayed his aptitude for drawing the female form with the 1988 release of the Dirty Pair comics series, the original “Original English-Language Manga.” Empowered takes his signature bootylicious, manga-meets-pin-up style and gives it additional depth and texture by skipping the inks and sourcing directly from original pencil drawings. As a writer, Warren mixes screwball humor, wild action, and sharp, complex characterization to create a graphic novel that is as well-rounded as, well
. . . you know.

“A sort of R-rated sitcom exploring geek culture from the inside out, Empowered has its cake and eats it too-it’s full of exploitative, titillating imagery, but it also features the healthiest and most realistic romantic relationship in any comic book featuring capes and masks.” -J. Caleb Mozzocco, Las Vegas Weekly

Dark Horse Comics is proud to announce the release of Empowered Volume 2, the much anticipated follow-up to the first Empowered graphic novel that sold through its first printing before it even hit the shelves. Empowered Volume 2 will be available in retail shops everywhere on September 26, 2007. Get a copy (and quick this time) for just $14.95.

14043 Empowered Volume 2 Arrives September 07
Empowered TPB
14813 Empowered Volume 2 Arrives September 07
Empowered Volume 2

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