Elisabeth says Read This Series: Hack/Slash by Tim Seeley

by Jeff

by Elisabeth@TFAW

jan100856 Elisabeth says Read This Series: Hack/Slash by Tim SeeleyIf you’re a fan of slasher films but prefer them with a healthy dash of humor, you’ll love Hack/Slash, created by artist/writer Tim Seeley. Filled with sexy vixens and psychotic, blood-thirsty villains, Hack/Slash joyfully mines the many cliches of slasher films to create a slyly funny scarefest that wraps a warm heart with skimpy costumes and over-the-top violence.

As Seeley mentioned in his interview with TFAW.com last June, he came up with Hack/Slash‘s premise while suffering through a fever several Halloweens ago. As he sat watching a slasher-movie marathon on cable, he suddenly pictured all of the slashers from various films existing in the same universe.

And so a comic was born, focusing on Cassie Hack, a horror-victim-turned-sexy-slasher-hunter (whose mother was herself a slasher called The Lunch Lady) and her sidekick, Vlad, whose monstrous appearance belies a sweet, caring soul. Together, this tight-knit team roams the earth, defending humanity from supernatural serial killers and awkwardly making stabs at functioning in “normal” society.

Hack/Slash features Seeley as the writer/cover artist, but it has also showcased the artistic talents of Stefano Caselli, Ross Campbell, Joe Jusko, and Dan Parent.

Want to catch up on this series in a hurry? Check out the two Hack/Slash Omnibuses, available for pre-order at 20% off! You can also pre-order the individual comics, or start up a series subscription today by logging into your account (or signing up for one!). If you’re into eye candy, make sure to check out both volumes of The Art of Hack/Slash, collecting pinups, sketches, covers, and more.

Who out there reads Hack/Slash and wants to give it a shoutout? What’s your favorite issue? Personally, I’ve loved the “Archie” spoofs–the artwork was spot on!

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