Elephantmen at San Diego Comic-Con July 23-26

by Jeff

JUN090344D Elephantmen at San Diego Comic-Con July 23-26Media Release — ELEPHANTMEN creators Richard Starkings, Moritat and JG Roshell will be at Comicraft’s usual spot in the Independent Publisher’s Pavilion — booth 2106, just across from DC Comics.

Comicraft will be premiering the new Image Comics trade paperback DAMAGED GOODS — collecting Marian Churchland’s SOLD OUT issues of ELEPHANTMEN and featuring an exclusive signed and numbered print by Marian — as well as copies of the new ELEPHANTMEN VOLUME 2 hardcover FATAL DISEASES.

Moritat will be sketching on request alongside a number of special guests. Stop by the Elephantmen booth to find out who! Plus — free posters, buttons, fridge magnets and tattoos!

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