ELEPHANTMEN #25 features the industry’s best artists

by Jeff

dec090405d ELEPHANTMEN #25 features the industry's best artistsMedia Release — ELEPHANTMEN turns 25 (issues, that is) in style! Each page of the issue is drawn by a profoundly talented guest artist, representing some of the best talent in comics.

The superstars contributing to ELEPHANTMEN #25 include (in order of appearance in the issue):

* Tim Sale (Batman: The Long Halloween)
* Moritat (Elephantmen, The Spirit)
* Gabriel Bautista (Popgun)
* Duncan Rouleau (Metal Men, The Great Unknown)
* Sheldon Vella (Kill Audio, Supertron)
* Dave Gibbons (Watchmen ,Martha Washington)
* Dougie Braithwaite (Justice)
* Gary Erskine (Dan Dare)
* Steve Buccellato (Battle of the Bands)
* Whilce Portacio (Spawn, Image United)
* Ian Churchill (Hulk)
* Shaky Kane (The Bulletproof Coffin)
* Raul Trevino (Final Incal)
* Boo Cook (Judge Anderson)
* Paul Grist (Jack Staff)
* Ladrönn (Final Incal)
* Marian Churchland (Beast)
* André Szymanowicz (Sushi Nachos)
* David Hine (The Bulletproof Coffin, Strange Embrace)
* Chris Burnham (Nixon’s Pals) and Aaron Kuder
* Brandon Graham (King City)
* Dan McDaid (Jersey Gods)
* Tom Scioli (Godland)
* Pia Guerra (Y the Last Man)
* Axel Medellin (50 Girls 50)
* Rob Steen (Flanimals).

ELEPHANTMEN #25: THE BIG PICTURE is told entirely in splash pages and chronicles the history of the Elephantmen from the point of view of one man, making it a great jumping-on point for new readers!

In stores: April 21, 2010
Story: Richard Starkings
Cover: Boo Cook
32pp full color for $3.50
Diamond: DEC09 0405

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