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720852_bce90da19e3033ad13ea614c440e0fe0ba84e863-150x150 ElektraIn a time when Daredevil’s popularity was fledgling, it was quite the feat when Frank Miller took over and saved the series by elevating it with a grittier take. Along with this turnaround was the embodiment of what Frank Miller brought to the table, the introduction of the morally questionable character Elektra. Here we look at a few of the key Elektra books in the market.



133094_73613307e49221266de6677e6c2a8114ae598794-194x300 ElektraDAREDEVIL #168 (1981)

The 1st appearance of Elektra Natchios occurs in Daredevil #168, also the first book of the series in which Frank Miller expands his roles beyond penciling and cover art to also scripting. While on a hunt for a key witness to a crime, Daredevil is interrupted by Elektra whose voice immediately brings back memories of their past relationship and Elektra’s tragic past. Below are sales for Daredevil #168 in CGC 9.6, which represents the top 18.4% of the census.

e_1a-300x180 Elektra

The highest ever price levels for Daredevil #168 occurred twice consecutively; once in early 2016 and again in late 2018. The timing of these peaks coincide with similar timeframes for the releases of Daredevil Season 2 and The Defenders on Netflix; both of which heavily featured Elektra. In hindsight, this double top and inability to break above the same highs should have been a clear sign to sell the book. Since the last peak, sales prices have been on a rapid decline, and have recently returned to the similar lows of late 2016. With no signs of the negative trend slowing down, it is possible that this is just the first stop on its way back down even further to the lows of 2013. This may sound pessimistic, but spoiler alert, taking into account the market behavior of the book below, it is highly likely.



134378_3ef4dfa866f67a27204186551c4515e914f272d4-193x300 ElektraDAREDEVIL #181 (1982)

Paired with Elektra’s first appearance book is an equally important Elektra’s death which occurred in Daredevil #181 (1982). Bullseye escapes from Ryker’s and attacks the woman whom Daredevil loves. On a random side note, it would be interesting to see how the speed of Elektra’s first appearance and death occurring stacks up against other major characters.

Overall, the market behavior of Daredevil #181 is very similar to that of the above Daredevil #168. The major difference is that the current sales prices have already reached the lows from 2013, which was also the price support level of 2016/17. You can observe this in the chart below, which shows sales for the book, graded CGC 9.8. The glass half full news is that in theory, the negative trend should slow down if not flatten soon simply due to the price floor of willingness to sell a CGC 9.8 graded key book.

e_2b-300x180 Elektra



134202_e7fc61d9196a5486e4d91da03ff120542f7a8072-197x300 Elektra720852_bce90da19e3033ad13ea614c440e0fe0ba84e863-198x300 ElektraA few other Elektra books with high market value but relatively lower sales volume:

  • The second appearance of Elektra was in Daredevil #169 (1981); which currently holds an FMV of $290 at the 9.8 grade. Prices peaked in 2018, but recent trends for this book appear to have turned negative.
  • There is something about covers with a yellow background. Complete with a striking cover of Elektra holding up a tattered Daredevil mask with her sai, Daredevil #179 (1982) has an FMV of $190 for the 9.8 grade. This book has held up a bit better compared to the books mentioned so far, but again, it’s sales volume is very low.
  • A bit of an oddity is Elektra #3 (2001). An early print of the book contained a sequence with nudity, which caused the book to get recalled. This recalled variant sells for a much higher price than the subsequent reissue; the latest CGC 9.8 sales were $245 for the recalled variant versus $60 for the reissue.



“I was bored. I do things like this when I’m bored.” – Elektra


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