eigoMANGA And Dawn Richard plan August release of DANITY KANE

by Jeff

danitykane_logo-sm eigoMANGA And Dawn Richard plan August release of DANITY KANEMedia Release — San Francisco based comic book publisher, eigoMANGA announces the release of the comic book mini-series of “Danity Kane” starting with “Danity Kane” Issue #1. The “Danity Kane” mini-series is set to circulate to the mass-market beginning in August of 2010.

“Danity Kane” is a 3-part Original English Language (OLE) manga created by recording artist Dawn Richard, written by Natasha McGough, and illustrated by Kim Ji Min. The “Danity Kane” mini-series shares the same name as the platinum selling international pop group “Danity Kane” once fronted by Dawn Richard.

Dawn Richard is currently an active member of the hip hop group “Dirty Money” formed by rap mogul, Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs. Although Dawn is supporting the release of Diddy-Dirty Money’s latest album “Last Train To Paris”, producing the “Danity Kane” comic book with eigoMANGA is a solid iniative and sincere passion as well.

“Danity Kane” follows the adventures of a teenage girl from a distance planet who comes to Earth to save her people. Her people are embroiled in a civil war against tyrants that oppress their planet. Dawn, Natasha, and Kim work together to create a coming of age story where the protagonist is naive and humble yet bold enough to take on a war that stands between her people and prosperity. She has to do this while shielding the people of Earth against the secret war and adjusting to life in her new home.

Advanced editions of Issue #1 of the “Danity Kane” mini-series is currently available to limited markets. There is a “Danity Kane” digital comic for iPhone users through the Panelfly Comics app. The official website for the “Danity Kane” mini-series is http://www.DanityKaneComics.com.


Danity Kane Issue #1 (1 of 3)
Intended Audience: 13+
Genre: Action Adventure
Format: Soft Cover, 22 pgs, B&W, 6×10, Saddle Stitch
Suggest Retail Price: $2.99
Release Date: August 2010
Distributor: Ingram Periodicals
Item Code: N/A

About eigoMANGA

eigoMANGA is a comic book publishing company that specializes in creating original Japanese-influenced comic books and media productions. Visit http://www.eigoMANGA.com

About Dawn Richard

Dawn Angeliqué Richard is a singer, songwriter, and creator of the Danity Kane comic book. She is currently a member of the hip hop group, Diddy-Dirty Money; the group that is comprised of label head Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs and singer/songwriter Kalenna. Dawn is a former member of the musical group “Danity Kane” from 2005 to 2009. Visit http://www.DawnRichardOnline.com

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