Ed Piskor’s WIZZYWIG gets new trailer made by Adam WarRock

by Jeff

MAY121293 Ed Piskor's WIZZYWIG gets new trailer made by Adam WarRockMedia Release — We have a very special graphic novel coming in July: Ed Piskor’s WIZZYWIG, the thrill-packed tale of computer-hacking pioneer Kevin “Boingthump” Phenicle. Inspired by real events and real people but filtered through Ed’s off-kilter style, it’s a blast for anyone who enjoys a wild story, and packed with “Easter eggs” and references for the truly tech-savvy.

Now, with the book open for pre-orders, we’re pleased to present the official Wizzywig theme song, written and performed by nerdcore rapper Adam WarRock (The Browncoats Mixtape, Parks & Rec EP, that Downton Abbey rap song) and featured in this music video / book trailer:

WIZZYWIG by Ed Piskor: Book Trailer

Share and embed the video anywhere you like, and help spread the word about this killer book! Wizzywig will be released in July, and can be pre-ordered today direct from Top Shelf or from your favorite retailer.

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