Ed Piskor’s GRAND DESIGN finale arrives this May with X-TINCTION

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XMENGD_PISKOR Ed Piskor's GRAND DESIGN finale arrives this May with X-TINCTIONMarvel Comics has released the cover to the upcoming X-MEN GRAND DESIGN: X-TINCTION by Ed Piskor.

The press release follows:

Media Release — This May, Eisner-winning comic artist Ed Piskor returns to remix the X-Men in the upcoming trade paperback X-MEN GRAND DESIGN: X-TINCTON! SYFY Wire has revealed the first look at the cover for the book, in which Piskor continues his epic undertaking of introducing readers to some of the most iconic X-Men stories over the past 30 years.

“This cover represents the first graphic idea I had when considering this X-Men project. You can say that it was all building to this moment,” Piskor told SYFY WIRE. “The material covered in the pages of X-Tinction are the X-Men comics that are nearest and dearest to my heart (Marc Silvestri, Jim Lee era) but they are not infallible comics and lend well to a fair bit of retooling. When constructing the book I even found the perfect way to get X-Men: Grand Design to fit into the greater canon of X-Men lore. Stay tuned.”

Both X-MEN GRAND DESIGN #1 and X-MEN GRAND DESIGN #2 have been met with critical acclaim, with critics praising Piskor’s imaginative and knowledgeable storytelling.

“Who would’ve thought that what essentially amounts to a history book could be so charming? Ed Piskor’s retelling of the X-Men’s winding, whimsical continuity is an absolute pleasure.” – Newsarama

“A dense, joyous, occasionally frightening, often-hilarious reimagining of five years worth of X-Lore. This is an essential read for fans of all stripes.” – Comic Watch

“Grand Design is what a retelling can look like when done incredibly well, with the history of these famous characters retold in a way that appreciates the originals and acknowledges how the passage of time has made these stories into a mythology that warrants the creation of this type of book in the first place.” – Comicosity

For more information, visit SYFY Wire, and be sure to find X-MEN GRAND DESIGN: X-TINCTON in your local comic shop this May!

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XMENGD_PISKOR Ed Piskor's GRAND DESIGN finale arrives this May with X-TINCTION

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