Echo Print Gallery Series PT.2

by Casey Ashlock

Echo-300x157 Echo Print Gallery Series PT.2The Echo Print Gallery 2021 poster subscription series is back with 4 new designs. And featuring 3 brand new designs from the legendary poster artist Frank Kozik! The subscription series started in 2021 and has released commemorative prints from bands like KISS, AC/DC, Bowie, and Pink Floyd. Let’s take a look at the latest releases.

Osaka 1973.

EchoprintBowieKozik2-e1620751542843-228x300 Echo Print Gallery Series PT.2So let’s kick things off with a double dose of new Bowie designs. The first poster is Frank Kozik’s interpretation of Bowie in Japan. The print is titled ‘David Bowie April 17, 1973, Osaka, Japan.’

The swirling design features a figure holding a fan and funky, retro David Bowie font. The contrast comes into play at the bottom of the design with the clean date details of the concert. Kozik’s Bowie print will be available on 4-30-21 through Echo Print Gallery.

Bowie 1980.

echoprint2BOWIELAVa-e1620751517858-228x300 Echo Print Gallery Series PT.2  The 2nd Bowie print was designed by Ken Taylor and is titled “BOWIE 1980.” The design is based on the ‘Scary Monsters’ era from 1980.

Taylor wanted to “Visually celebrate this influential incarnation of the artist.” A classic take on Bowie in the Pierrot costume worn during Bowie’s “Ashes to Ashes” music video. The print measures 18”x 24” and is A 8-color, hand-pulled silkscreen poster. And is available in three limited-edition versions. Cotton rag of 250 pcs, Gold Foil of 100 pcs, and Lava Foil of 100 pcs.

Tokyo KISS.

echoprint2KISS-e1620751570842-227x300 Echo Print Gallery Series PT.2 Next, we will take a look at the 2nd poster in the KISS series. The poster was designed by Frank Kozik and commemorates the band’s performances from April 1,2,& 4, 1977 in Tokyo, Japan. According to Kozik, he wanted to “combine the raw energy of a great comic book cover with the power of KISS and rock and roll.

It being for a show in Japan, I naturally had to make the giant robots! This all in a style reminiscent of the era  In which the show was actually performed.” The 11-color screenprint measures 18” x 24” and is available in three limited-edition variants. Gallery edition of 150, Sparkle Foil of 75, and Lava Foil of 75.

Welcome to the machine.

echoprint2PINKFLOYD-e1620751593887-229x300 Echo Print Gallery Series PT.2So Kozik pulled triple duty for the 2nd round of prints and designed the next poster for the Pink Floyd series. The poster commemorates the band’s performance in Boston, MA on June 18, 1975. The design was certainly influenced by the songs “Welcome To The Machine’ and ‘Shine on You Crazy Diamond’ from the 1974 album ‘Wish You Were Here’.

In typical Kozik fashion, the design is bold and very readable. It certainly is one of my favorites from the series. The 10-color screenprint measures 18” x 24” and is available in 3 limited-edition versions. Gallery edition of 150 pcs, Holographic Lava foil of 100 pcs, and Sparkle Foil of 100 pcs.


echoprint2ACDC-e1620751621860-227x300 Echo Print Gallery Series PT.2 Up next, we have the 2nd print in the AC/DC series. The print was designed by Adam Stothard and is titled ‘AC/DC The Razors Edge World Tour 1990/1991’. When asked to design this print, Stothard said he “wanted to capture the sheer power and energy of AC/DC’s music, along with their electric stage presence.”

The print features an electrified Angus Young and Brian johnson from the ‘Thunderstruck’ era. The 8-color screenprint is available in three editions: Gallery edition of 150 pcs, Holographic Lava Foil of 100 pcs, and Rainbow Foil variant of only 50 pcs.

That’s it for now, but we will continue to watch for new poster releases! Check back soon!

For more information on concert poster collecting check out our guide!

Footer_Concert_Poster_12.3.2020 Echo Print Gallery Series PT.2

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