DYNAMITE: Xena Issues #5-8 Re-solicited

by Jeff

Crucial “Dark Xena” Storyline Well Worth the Wait

February 07, 2007, Runnemede, NJ – DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT announced today that they are rescheduling the “Dark Xena” storyline (schedule to begin in Xena issue #5) and will be re-soliciting the issues beginning in the May Previews.

jan073533e DYNAMITE: Xena Issues #5-8 Re-solicited
Xena #8

Dynamite explained, “While we do realize the inconvenience of canceling and re-soliciting, we hope that fans and retailers understand that this decision was made out of our dedication to quality and our loyalty to the property and fans. Response to Xena has been overwhelming as fans seem to truly recognize and appreciate the devotion and labor that our creators pour into each issue. We remain committed to the high standard that fans have become accustomed to– especially when it comes to Xena, since the Warrior Princess has some of the most dedicated fans we’ve ever seen! In order to fulfill our commitment, we needed to take this step, and thank the fans and retailers for their continued support.

“This all came about as a result of moving Xena artist Fabiano Neves from Xena to the team up of 2007 — Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness (you’ve seen the previews of Fabiano’s Marvel Zombies/AOD, right?!? His rendition of the Marvel Zombies is so great it’s scary- and vice versa!). Taking Fabiano’s place on Xena, hot off his work on the Xena Annual, will be Noah Salonga, who really wowed everyone with his interiors for the Annual. Noah’s work is incredibly meticulous, and the re-solicitation will allow him enough to time to provide fans with the quality they deserve.”

The re-solicitation will take affect Xena #5, which begins the next Xena storyline, “Dark Xena — the second Xena storyline from writer John Layman and the first for artist Noah Salonga. Taking place prior to the events in Dynamite’s first four-issue storyline (the “Contest of Pantheons”), “Dark Xena” links the finale of the Xena television show with the all-new Dynamite comic book series. Longtime fans of the television series will note how Xena was introduced as a brutal villain but changed her evil ways and set out on a quest for redemption that ended when the warrior princess sacrificed her life to right the wrong she had committed many years ago. “Dark Xena” bridges the gap between the television series and the comic book series by featuring the sacrifices Xena’s companions were willing to make for her to return, as well as the consequences of her resurrection.

Newsarama.com recently reviewed the debut issues of XENA, saying: “I like that fact that the scope of the book can go way beyond the confines of TV, and the creators seem to be embracing that.”

Look for further information on the re-listing of “Dark Xena” in the week’s to come.

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Dynamite plans to have incredible support for this release with house ads, Diamond Previews Ads, online ads through news websites, as well as prints ads in Comic Shop News!

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