Dynamic Forces collectibles for July 2010

by Jeff

GH02-cov-RetailerShared Dynamic Forces collectibles for July 2010Media Release — Dynamic Forces is proud to announce their latest limited edition variant covers and signed comics. With Green Hornet fever having hit comic shops around the country (and selling out in QUITE a few), we are offering Kevin Smith’s Green Hornet #2 Ultra Rare Limited Edition Retailer Shared Cover, Kevin Smith’s Green Hornet #5 DF Exclusive John Cassaday Negative Cover, and Green Hornet: Parallel Lives #1 DF Exclusive Virgin Cover!

AND, due to the world-wide success of Kick-Ass, enjoy Mark Millar’s latest creation with Mark Millar & Steve McNiven’s Nemesis #1 1st Print (that’s right – 1st PRINT!) DF Cover Plus Bonus Books! In the aftermath of Red Sonja’s historic 50th issue, we are offering Red Sonja #51 DF Exclusive Joe Michael Lisner Virgin Cover!

We follow up our new line of comics based on best-selling novels, we have LA Bank’s Vampire Huntress: The Hidden Darkness #1 DF Exclusive Negative Cover and Dean Koontz’ Frankenstein: Prodigal Son Vol. 2 #1 DF Exclusive Brett Booth Negative Cover!

Deadpool fever continues with Lady Deadpool #1 – Signed by Cover Artist Gregg Land Plus Bonus Books! In the sequel to Allan Heinberg and Jimmy Cheung’s Young Avengers series, we are offering Avengers: The Children’s Crusade #1 (of 8)- Signed By Artist Jimmy Cheung Plus Bonus Books! To celebrate the next era at Marvel, The Heroic Age, we are giving you a chance to get Uncanny X-Men: The Heroic Age One Shot Signed By Artist Whilce Portacio!

Lastly, in celebration of the critically acclaimed creator, Eric Powell, we are offering Eric Powell’s Rare San Diego Comic Con 2008 Sketchbook and Eric Powell Sketchbook San Diego Comic Con 2008 Exclusive Edition Signed By Eric Powell! These items are scheduled for a July release, with pre-orders being taken now.

KEVIN SMITH’S GREEN HORNET #2 ULTRA RARE LIMITED EDITION RETAILER SHARED COVER! Don’t miss out on this ultra-rare edition of the Dynamite series that is changing the legend of the Green Hornet forever. It’s the all-new Green Hornet (and Kato) by Kevin Smith for $16.99!

KEVIN SMITH’S GREEN HORNET #5 DF EXCLUSIVE JOHN CASSADAY NEGATIVE COVER! A true collector’s item: the ultra-rare negative edition of John Cassaday’s astonishing cover! The adventure continues! It’s all been leading to this as Britt Jr. has made his momentous decision last issue to continue the legacy of his father and become the Green Hornet anew for $19.36! Also, for every 3 copies ordered, receive 2 free limited edition comics at NO COST!

GREEN HORNET: PARALLEL LIVES #1 DF EXCLUSIVE VIRGIN COVER! A beautiful pure virgin cover edition featuring the incredible cover by Paul (RED SONJA) Renaud! This series shows how Britt Reid’s actions lead to Kato coming in contact with the Green Hornet and the pair becoming the Green Hornet and Kato. The lead up and origin of one of the first teams in comics! Get this for only $14.99!

MARK MILLAR & STEVE MCNIVEN’S NEMESIS #1 1ST PRINT DF COVER PLUS BONUS BOOKS! Nemesis is here to GET SOME! And THEN SOME! The SOLD OUT epic first chapter of Nemesis gets the DF “Bloody and Beaten” treatment, and 2 bonus random limited edition books for $14.99! From Millar and McNiven, the fight between America’s smartest cop and the world’s one and only super-villain continues! Don’t miss the “Bloody and Beaten” limited edition alternate cover from Dynamic Forces!

RED SONJA #51 DF EXCLUSIVE JOE MICHAEL LINSNER VIRGIN COVER! The journey of the She-Devil with a Sword continues with this incredible cover by Joe Michael Linsner… and DF is proud to offer this masterpiece as a limited edition virgin edition. Exclusively from Dynamic Forces for $14.99!

LA BANK’S VAMPIRE HUNTRESS: THE HIDDEN DARKNESS #1 DF EXCLUSIVE NEGATIVE COVER! A limited edition collector’s item for the latest Dynamite sensation for $10.00! Written by New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author LA Banks, The Vampire Huntress Legends: The Hidden Darkness is an original story that takes place after the epilogue in the 12th and final book in the Vampire Huntress series of novels and should not be missed by her fans or anyone who enjoys great paranormal fantasy!

DEAN KOONTZ’ FRANKENSTEIN: PRODIGAL SON VOL 2 #1 DF EXCLUSIVE BRETT BOOTH NEGATIVE COVER! For the Dean Koontz completist, an exclusive edition of Dean Koontz’ Frankenstein Prodigal Son! From the masterly pen of New York Times bestselling author Dean Koontz, comes a story filled with fast-paced action, gripping horror, and thrilling adventure for $14.99!

LADY DEADPOOL #1 – SIGNED BY COVER ARTIST GREG LAND! PLUS BONUS BOOKS! Artist extraordinaire, Greg Land, tops his incredible cover art for Lady Deadpool #1. There’s no better way to appreciate the lady merc with a mouth than with this signed edition by Dynamic Forces for $29.99!

AVENGERS: THE CHILDREN’S CRUSADE #1 (OF 8)- SIGNED BY ARTIST JIMMY CHEUNG! PLUS BONUS BOOKS! Crown your Avengers collection with this signed edition of Avengers: The Children’s Crusade, signed by Jim Cheung! And we’re making it a mighty collection by adding 25 bonus comic books all for $29.99!

UNCANNY X-MEN: THE HEROIC AGE ONE SHOT – SIGNED BY ARTIST WHILCE PORTACIO! Fan-fave and legendary X-Men artist, Whilce Portacio, is back drawing the X-Men, and DF has the issue signed by Whilce. A true collector’s item for X-Fans for $29.99!

ERIC POWELL’S RARE SAN DIEGO COMIC CON 2008 SKETCHBOOK! This sketchbook from the twisted mind of Eric Powell was available ONLY at the San Diego Comic Con 2008…until now! Dynamic Forces has a limited supply of this exclusive book and is offering it up to you! This book was strictly limited to only 3000 copies and is not available anywhere else! Not a measly 8 or 10 page sketchbook like others offer up, this one is a full 24 pages and is being offered for the first time by DF! If you’re a fan of The Goon or Eric Powell, don’t miss this rare sketchbook! The MSRP is $29.99, but we are offering it for $4.99!

ERIC POWELL SKETCHBOOK SAN DIEGO COMIC CON 2008 EXCLUSIVE EDITION SIGNED BY ERIC POWELL! There is only a limited quantity available signed by Eric at the low MSRP of $29.99

Each DF Variant Edition includes a DF Certificate of Authenticity and comes bagged, boarded and sealed with DF Holo-Foil sticker! For all-new interviews, news, reviews and pure DF awesomeness, check out Dynamic Forces everyday! Also, if you’re looking for more specials and coupons and DF updates, follow us on Twitter at: http://twitter.com/DynamicForces

ABOUT DYNAMIC FORCES:DF is the comic-book and collectible industry’s top producer of limited-edition and autographed memorabilia, including comic books, lithographs. DF functions as a packager of comics, having ranked as high as one of the top 5 suppliers of Diamond Comic Distributors, and a premiere comic and entertainment supplier for United States and International TV Shopping Channels (including being instrumental in QVC US’ Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith Movie and DVD Release), having placed key items in QVC’s Batman: Begins Movie shows and more!

Active and previous licenses include: DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Aspen Entertainment MLT Incorporated, Top Cow Productions, Universal Studios Hit series Battlestar Galactica, and Classic Battlestar Galactica, Xena, and Darkman, Revolution Studios’ Hellboy, MGM’s Army of Darkness, Pressman Films’ The Crow, Sony Pictures’ Underworld, T2, Hasbro’s G.I.Joe, Sandy Frank Productions’ Battle of the Planets (G-Force), Jim Starlin’s Dreadstar, Howard Chaykin’s American Flagg!, Frank Miller’s Sin City, Frank Miller & Simon Bisley’s Bad Boy, Classic Media’s Lone Ranger, Magnus Robot Figher and Solar, Man of the Atom — and many other entertainment industry giants. DF continues to set the pace in the comic collector and comic memorabilia markets. Recent product line expansions includes: action figures, vinyl and poly resin statues, tin collectibles, mini-deformed characters, lunchboxes, trading cards, lithographs, giclees, apparel and much more!

For updated information on Dynamic Forces specialty merchandise, product art, exclusive creator interviews, columns and upcoming product releases, please visit the Dynamic Forces website at www.dynamicforces.com.

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