DTOX gets an 8-page story printed in Heavy Metal

by Jeff

dec073423f DTOX gets an 8-page story printed in Heavy MetalMedia Release — Asylum Press announced today that an eight page story featuring the character DTOX will be featured in the November 2009 issue of Heavy Metal magazine. DTOX is written by Frank Forte (Warlash, Undead Evil) and illustrated by Nenad Gucunja (Satan’s 3-Ring Circus of Hell, Girls and Corpses).

DTOX takes place in a post-Armageddon future. The lone biohazard warrior fights to cleanse the earth of a rising toxic mutant population. Killvixen, a knife-wielding femme fatale, soon joins him. Together, armed with the mobile arsenal code-named DTANK, they travel the ravaged mid-west in search of rogue monstrosities and fuel. Their destination is to locate the evil bio-scientist Scourge and destroy him and his mutant factory.

“This episode printed in Heavy Metal is actually episode 2 in the DTOX story. It works alone as a twisted sci-fi tale, but is part of a larger “Scourge” storyline, explains creator Frank Forte, “In this tale DTOX and Killvixen come upon a recent battlefield between the military and mutants. With corpses littering the area they stumble upon one lone survivor, a woman who pleads for her life. All is not what it seems as DTOX drops his guard and the woman turns into a giant slug-like mutant who wants to feast.”

“The character DTOX is inspired by the Heavy Metal Magazine and EPIC Illustrated I used to read in the 1980’s. Characters like Ranxerox and Den showed how far comics could really go. Pepe Moreno, Guido Crepax and Caza just blew me away. I grew tired of costumed superheroes after a while and wanted something more. I found it in the pages of Heavy Metal, ” explains Frank Forte. ” Now I’m giving back.”

“DTOX was a great addition to the November issue of Heavy Metal and we look forward to printing the next episode in the coming issues, ” says Howard Jurofsky, VP Heavy Metal.

“Working on DTOX was fantastic, ” says Nenad Gucunja, ” I was able go off on the script and expand the scenes. Then Frank would go back and rewrite it. What came out was something fun and demented.”

The DTOX trailer can be seen here: http://www.dtoxcomic.com/

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