Dream Honeymoon becomes a nightmare in Indie Comics Magazine

by Jeff

ICM5_mailing_list_header Dream Honeymoon becomes a nightmare in Indie Comics MagazineMedia Release — Lost in the ruins of a structure once built to house the dreaded minotaur, a newlywed couple searches for their Dream Honeymoon in Indie Comics Magazine’s Spring Issue, scheduled for preorder in Diamond’s April 2012 Previews under Aazurn Publishing.

The story is written by Erica J. Heflin, editor and publisher at Felinix Publications, a source for independent comics. The webpage at http://www.readwebcomics.com is a place to experience webcomics “Of the Grave” and “Robomastyx” and a growing collection of minicomics.

Heflin’s longer projects, “Of Wolf and Woman,” “The Spirit of All” and more will soon see print. Through her active blog on http://www.readwebcomics.com, Heflin reviews independent titles “and links to kickstarter projects that have piqued our interest.”

Erica’s comic book education began with her work in a comic store. “Before I knew what was happening, I was reading every book on the shelf. In the 90s. Every book. That’s when I passed the point of no return, and became a lifelong comic book fan.”

“While short story comic book writing seems to be disappearing from the mainstream press, publishers like Erica have embraced and mastered the form,” said Indie Comics Magazine Publisher Gary Scott Beatty.

“As with all our stories, short biographies and contact information are included so readers can easily seek out more of the creators’ work.” Visit http://www.readwebcomics.com for more about Heflin and Felinix Publications.

Indie Comics Magazine’s Spring Issue will feature eight complete stories, from creators as diverse as Terry Cronin (Students of the Unusual), Eisner and Harvey nominee Douglas Paszkiewicz (Mad magazine), Australia’s Paul Bradford (Undercurrent) and Italian creator Maddalena Carrai (Creepy Gaga).

An alternate cover from Douglas Paszkiewicz will receive limited distribution through comic shops as well, said Beatty. “Arsenic Lullaby is Pasz’s comedy that is too twisted for Mad. Expect that kind of cover!”

Indie Comics Magazine is 64 pages of the best story and art from today’s independent comic book creators. No huge overprint, no digital version, no back issue sales, April’s Previews under Aazurn Publishing is the ONLY way comic readers can get Indie Comics Magazine’s Spring Issue! Visit Indie Comics Magazine online at http://indiecomicsmagazine.com.

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