Dracula Vs King Arthur to return via Immortal Editions

by Jeff

dvkaie_kick Dracula Vs King Arthur to return via Immortal EditionsMedia Release — Acclaimed graphic novel Dracula vs King Arthur going back to print via Kicktarter!

Tempted with the chance to see his beloved wife one last time, Vlad Dracul makes a deal with the devil and is sent back in time by Lucifer to face off against King Arthur and The Knights of the Round Table – it’s evil meets medieval! The eternal life of vampirism vs the immortal might of The Holy Grail in an epic battle for the ages!

Dracula vs King Arthur debuted in 2005 to rave reviews and every issue promptly sold out of stores. Next, a trade collecting all four issues was released and quickly sold out as well. Now, with your help, the original Dracula vs King Arthur team wants to premiere the brand new, updated IMMORTAL EDITION! The goal is to get the book back in stores where it belongs, and introduce a whole new slew of fans to this epic battle between two of the greatest literary characters of all time!

Both the brand new softcover and hardcover IMMORTAL EDITIONS will include never-before-published behind the scenes materials, essays by noted comic luminaries, alternate art, and a new cover design commissioned exclusively for this release. 212 pages of content total!

Adam Beranek first formulated the idea for Dracula vs King Arthur. Pitting two sons of the dragon against each other, two icons of not only mythic but historic context, made sense to the budding writer. He brought the concept to his sibling, Christian, who, with a background in medieval literature, helped craft the script for the graphic novel. While searching for an artist, the Beraneks met Chris Moreno and quickly began work on the comic.

To find out more about Dracula vs King Arthur – The Immortal Edition please visit http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1171142316/dracula-vs-king-arthur-the-immortal-edition

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