Double Vision: West Coast Avengers #45 or Avengers #57?

by Matt Tuck

Double-Vision-300x157 Double Vision: West Coast Avengers #45 or Avengers #57?Which is the better investment: West Coast Avengers #45 or Avengers #57? Let’s take a look at which might end up being the better investment.

West-Coast-Avengers-45-interior-197x300 Double Vision: West Coast Avengers #45 or Avengers #57?SPECTRAL VISION

As of the time of this writing, West Coast Avengers #45 remained the hottest comic in all of collecting. Virtually overnight, this issue obliterated records across all grades thanks to Episode Eight of WandaVision.

Throughout the show, viewers were given an inside look at Wanda Maximoff’s painful past and her grief from the losses of both her husband and her brother. What made West Coast Avengers #45 such a hot issue was in the mid-credits scene and a preview of the series finale: Spectral or White Vision.

Vision in Pieces

Avengers-57-interior-236x300 Double Vision: West Coast Avengers #45 or Avengers #57?When Wanda was escorted into SWORD by Director Hayward, she saw Vision in pieces in what can best be described as an autopsy on the android. This was taken directly from John Byrne’s “Vision Quest,” which eventually introduced us to a Vision that was “resurrected” by Hank Pym. 

West Coast Avengers #45 was on the rise from the start of WandaVision because many fans predicted White Vision would make an appearance. Ever since Spectral Vision debuted in live-action, the door has been blown off the hinges. 

As hot as this comic has been, is it a better investment than Vision’s first appearance in Avengers #57? Let’s break down the current prices.

West-Coast-Avengers-45-195x300 Double Vision: West Coast Avengers #45 or Avengers #57?THE FAIR MARKET VALUES

Did I mention West Coast Avengers #45 was a hot issue? By “hot,” I mean white, burn-your-face-off hot. 

Last year, $170 could have gotten you a near-mint-plus 9.8 WCA #45. Things picked up a bit in January when it consistently sold in the $200-$250 range. Then came the first of February, and it jumped to being a $600 comic. That was nothing compared to what was to come. On February 25, just one day before Episode Eight was released, a 9.8 brought a record-shattering $1,500, and it has yet to slow down. From February 26 to March 2, there were four sales ranging from $1,200 to $1,495. 

If you were to take that same $1,500 and invest it in an Avengers #57, what could you afford? Based on 90-day fair market values, you could get as high as a 9.0 with over $200 left in your wallet. If you are willing to pay an extra $386, you could have paid the same price one buyer spent on a 9.2 Avengers #57 on February 14. 

Avengers-57-202x300 Double Vision: West Coast Avengers #45 or Avengers #57?THE VERDICT

Between the two Vision keys, I lean toward Avengers #57. Yes, Spectral Vision has been introduced into live-action. As I write this post, the WandaVision finale is on the horizon. I am sure that will have an impact on both issues. Will Vision continue in his “white” form? Will he die for good? Until Episode Nine airs, those are some of the lingering questions. 

No matter what happens, there is only one true first appearance: Avengers #57. This is the Silver Age debut of Vision, and it will always be the bigger key between the two. While West Coast Avengers #45 is the hotter issue at the moment, Spectral/White Vision is not a new character, so it is not a true first appearance. Eventually, the bubble will burst on this issue while Avengers #57 will always be a sought-after key. Over the long haul, Avengers #57 is the wiser investment.

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FOOTER_Poster3 Double Vision: West Coast Avengers #45 or Avengers #57?

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