Doomsday Clock #1 Lenticular Variant Cover

by Norman Robinson III

711663_doomsday-clock-1-lenticular-variant-cover-198x300 Doomsday Clock #1 Lenticular Variant Cover

If you liked Rorschach from The Watchmen; you would love the latest Doomsday Clock #1. It’s original cover price was $5.99 with artist Gary Frank and writer Geoff Johns at the helm. Everyone’s favorite sociopath Rorschach is on the lenticular cover. This cover changes the blot on his face just like in the movie. In a nutshell: life-like and a must own cover.

Last week I went to my local comic shop and found every copy sold out. They had a current second printing of this title already up for sale. It is hard to find the lenticular issue for less than $10 online (eBay). With the innate love of Watchmen throughout the comic universe, this is becoming a hit. If you are just getting started speculating; Doomsday Clock #1 can be a substantial issue to begin investing in. See if you can find two copies for list price or not over $20 combined. This comic is too new, just buy and hold the issue. It is already increasing in price and should continue to rise.

I originally purchased it as a fantastic homage to the crazy hero Rorschach. It has been out a little more than a month, and already a 9.8 copy is going for $89. Not a bad return for a character over twenty years old.

Another notable cover same comic, different issue is Doomsday Clock #1 (Frank Variant Cover) Gary Frank is the cover artist, and though not lenticular it does have Superman on the cover. This hints at what follows with the Doomsday Clock series. Apparently, DC is going to try to fold The Watchmen’s universe into the more significant DC universe. I know it seems heretical given the fact Dr. Manhattan was supposed to be the only and first superhero, but this is an interesting idea and a minor catalyst for the comic.

Totally Awesome Hulk #22 (revisited)

The Totally Awesome Hulk #22, was written by Greg Pak and drawn by artist Robert Gill. I looked at this comic more than a month ago, and two things jump out at me about this new version of Hulk now. First and foremost, a copy graded 9.4 several weeks ago showed a 22% rise in price; today that same comic has continued to rise in value and is still up 14.8%. The Totally Awesome Hulk #22 shows a massive amount of sales compared to its peers hence the ranking of #1 most popular recent comic.

This comic has retaken the number one seat over the last three months. With 122 sales in the 9.8 range and from a total sales volume of 138 sales records (GoCollect), it is on fire. It’s the closest rival Supergirl #12 (Variant Cover), has 41 sales to date and she has taken third place in most popular recent comics ranking. Totally Awesome Hulk #22 is ever resilient and apparently sought after. It has shown remarkable staying power, and I believe setting up to be a generational key, perhaps as significant as Amazing Spider-Man #300 someday.

Note, these sales are skewed toward one grade, 9.8 copy with most purchases being at this near mint grade. Currently, that is going for $135 on eBay. The tendency here is to go with the lesser investment risk of 9.6 grade or thereabouts. Unfortunately, the data show a skew toward only near mint 9.8’s and also a small uptick in price for 9.4’s. With no movie catalyst on the horizon, it may just be organic growth for this issue going forward.

My opinion, take a stab at owning a copy of Totally Awesome Hulk #22. The worst case scenario: you lose a small amount of money best case you double your money by the end of the year. Call me an optimist, but I believe Hulk getting Wolverine’s claws is a huge key. This is a must own issue. Readers, let’s check back in about two months and see if my instincts are right on this current comic. If I am right and you haven’t  purchased a copy by then, you are going to be as mad as the Hulk paying a higher price in the future. Hulk Smash!

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