Don’t Worry About Finding Bob Marley Concert Posters

by Daniel Paiz

Bob-Marley-202x300 Don't Worry About Finding Bob Marley Concert PostersDon’t worry about finding Bob Marley concert posters to collect, because numerous options exist. This iconic Reggae artist has decades to look through, so finding something shouldn’t be too hard. The Jamaican singer-songwriter had quite a life, defying those who wanted to harm his unifying efforts. Selecting which period in time will help you choose which poster to pursue.


Don’t worry about the price of Marley posters

Picking which moments you enjoy the most should guide your poster hunt. Marley started in the 1970s, although the 60s are when he began recording and collaborating with numerous artists. Success came early as a member of The Wailers. The group scored a number one record in Jamaica in 1964 for the single Simmer Down. Further collaborations with established Jamaican artists followed before eventually, Marley went off to do his own thing (though he awkwardly kept the name as he released music as “Bob Marley & The Wailers”).

All of this to say that things escalated quickly. Between the songs, I Shot The Sheriff, No Woman, No Cry, and One Love, marriage led to international success led to violence. No one would’ve blamed the artist for remaining in hiding after the gunshot would be suffered; Marley decided to push for unity despite the ongoing violence. This violence inspired a very impactful album that leads to our first poster to check out.

bob-marley-tour-2-212x300 Don't Worry About Finding Bob Marley Concert Posters

Exodus likely had a number of inspirations, but one thing it also had was where it was crafted. After moving to the UK full time, this was one of two albums recorded following the relocation. After this album release, an extensive tour followed, including this stop in France. Apparently, this particular poster in the Rainbow room in Paris is very hard to find. The price of the poster reflects that, as it’s listed for $1,500 on eBay. It definitely feels like a poster from the time period and the yellow color reflects the artist even better now than it did then.

Finding your one love (poster, that is)

$1,500 is definitely a price a more hardcore fan might pay (unless this is really your passion or hustle, then disregard that comment). Other posters are up for grabs when it comes to Bob Marley. There’s one in particular that comes to mind.

bob-marley-tour-1-235x300 Don't Worry About Finding Bob Marley Concert Posters This 1980 poster comes from a stop in Germany on Marley’s final album tour. Uprising was a different kind of album. This particular poster is also an original and because of that requires a lot of money. Most recently it was listed on eBay for $1,250.  It really is a rarity to find an original, but it’s worth it in some cases. If like many college students over the years, you’re looking for a starter image then this might be your speed:


bob-marley-tour-3-103x300 Don't Worry About Finding Bob Marley Concert PostersThis one is a pedestrian $19 online. However, this is a Kingston, Jamaica mid-1970s show, which should add some prestige to the piece itself; any Jamaica shows for Reggae’s biggest star was an event to find out about. This is no doubt a reproduction of sorts but appears to be good quality.

This soccer aficionado meets Rastafarian meets Pan-Africanism supporter is still worth a listen today. Even if you enjoyed his music but not his political leanings, it’s hard to not seek out posters of this legend. While it might not be your cup of tea initially, check out Marley’s discography. Your walls will thank you once it clicks for you.

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