Don’t Be Blind to Madame Web

by Michael Vlachakis

132879_80bf298de9fb8ea4b4ee06d0860620921e3ca78a-201x300 Don't Be Blind to Madame Web

The Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer was a great way to get people excited about a movie.  We got some flashes of the hero, a tease of the villain, and a whole bunch of unanswered questions.  Mysterio is a guarantee, but what is his scheme?  Are those Elementals or Hydro-Man, Molten Man, and Sandman?  How is all of this going to tie to End Game and beyond?  See…more questions.  If only there was a mysterious figure who could help guide us through uncertainty.

Everything Spider-Man is on the rise.  I have even semi-jokingly pointed out people overpaying for the first appearance book of Hydro-Man, which I still believe to be true even as the book has seen an astronomical price increases recently. Amazing Spider-Man #212 has gone from the $200 price range deep into the $500 range over the past few months.  This was all based on a set photo of a water cannon and a trailer that shows what may be Hydro-man but more likely not.  While we are seeing a slow rise based on innuendo for ASM #212, we are noticing a different trend with a similar counterpart.  Amazing Spider-Man #210 has quietly been gaining steam on the market with zero speculation about its first appearance character in Madame Web.

Madame Web is a curious character.  Not much is known about her origin, powers, or the such other than she is a blind and paralyzed clairvoyant who is hooked up to a life support machine resembling a spiderweb.  She acts as a guiding figure in Peter Parker’s life and eventually helps him become a better Spider-Man.  She is a bit of a niche character, but she could easily be added to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) with a pivotal and popular role.

Amazing Spider-Man #210 copies are less prevalent than ASM #212 both on the market and on the census.  Approximately a year ago, a copy would sell in the $400-$500 range, and a few months ago, copies were being listed and sold for over $700.  I believe part of this jump was lag to market and desire by collectors.  If you see a copy of a book you want, and you have not seen one for a while, you may be willing to pay a premium.  I also believe there is a sell-side error involved wherein a seller lists a book for what he believes to be current market, not knowing that the market has artificially shifted.  I see books hit the market all the time and my only thought is “what is that seller thinking?” when the market would bear a higher price if the seller would just ask.  The economics of comics can be extremely complicated due to emotion and supply side limitation in the higher grades and for older books.

As a rule, Spider-Man books are a great addition to any collection.  While people are focused on the Mysterios and Hydro-Mans of the MCU, it may be time to think a bit outside the box and find characters that can have a real impact if speculated correctly.  Either way Amazing Spider-Man #210 has great potential for a price pop and should be scouted as we lead up to future Spider-Man movies.

Are there any other Spidey support characters you are clamoring for?  Do you feel that Far From Home will be riddled with villains and therefore overwhelming or lacking (remember Spider-Man 3 with Sandman and a Goblinish thing and some resemblance of a Venom character)?  Drop you comments and join in the speculation!

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