Donny Cates Keys

by Matt Tuck

720038_thanos-13-198x300 Donny Cates Keys

If you aren’t familiar with the name Donny Cates, you should be.

For the past year, he has been the hottest new writer in the industry, churning out multiple hits for Image and Aftershock Comics. Now that he’s moved over to the mainstream with Marvel Comics, Doctor Strange and Thanos have quickly become two of the best-selling comics on the market. This popularity is helping to increase the value of his earlier work as well. Here are a few key issues you’ll want to grab as the Cates legend grows.


Cates’ first issue of Thanos has already created quite the stir with collectors.

In the pages of Thanos #13, the Mad Titan encounters a futuristic, cosmic Ghost Rider with a personality readers aren’t accustomed to seeing in the Spirit of Vengeance. Not only that, but there’s also the first appearance of a future version of Thanos, a character some fans have dubbed “Old Man Thanos.” Both of these first looks at new versions of old characters has made this a highly sought after issue.

Since Thanos #13 (which, as part of Marvel’s Legacy renumbering, is preceded by Thanos #6, and that makes very little sense to me) was published only two months ago, there hasn’t been time for many graded copies to be sold. However, the first recorded eBay sale, according to GPA for Comics, was for a CGC 9.8 and it brought a whopping $180. If you’re looking to buy a copy of your own and that price made you wince, don’t fret; there’s plenty more purchasing options to be found for less than $50.


The second of Cates’ Marvel titles, Doctor Strange went from hardly selling to being one of the hottest series published by the company, and this is the issue that has really had fans excited. One issue prior, Loki had assumed the title of Sorcerer Supreme (“Sorcerer Supreme” always makes me think of something on a Taco Bell menu that comes with sour cream), and Stephen Strange was a veterinarian. If that didn’t cause enough of a stir in the magical realm, Doctor Strange #382 resurrected Sentry. That’s got this issue selling out and increasing in value. Take a look on eBay, and you’ll find that it’s average asking price is between $10-15.


Let’s rewind the clock and look at what put Cates on the comic map – God Country. Personally, I feel this is his best work to date, and it’s my favorite comic series of 2017. The epic six-issue limited series debuted last January, and issue number one has two covers that bring respectable prices. First, there’s Cover A, which features a Geoff Shaw cover. Back in the spring of 2017, a CGC 9.8 was selling for as much as $200. Now that prices have come back to reality, you can get one for closer to $60, which is far more reasonable. If you’re looking to save money, Cover B drawn by Gerardo Zaffino has been averaging $45 in the past 90 days.


Finally, there’s Redneck, which was a behemoth on the market when it debuted last April. The gold foil dealer incentive variant was particularly hot. At its peak, a CGC 9.8 sold for $162 on June 2, 2017. That price dropped into the $60 range by the fall, but it’s showing signs of life now that Cates has become an even more recognizable name since his Marvel debut. The last recorded sale of a 9.8 gold foil variant sold for $100 on December 30.

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