Does the Ghost-Spider #1 1:100 Variant have a Worthy Contender?

by Mr. Long/Short

738804_spider-gwen-aka-ghost-spider-1-jee-hyung-variant-194x300 Does the Ghost-Spider #1 1:100 Variant have a Worthy Contender?The JeeHyung Lee Ghost-Spider #1 1:100 variant is currently the undisputed champion of high-ratio variant comic books and it really isn’t open for debate. The cover is mesmerizing in its simplicity and coloring. Raw versions of the comic routinely sell for $400 or more while 9.8s fetch a hefty $700 or more. This comic has become a modern gem in every sense and seems destined to hold its value.

A Contender745156_the-mighty-thor-705-hyung-variant-leg-198x300 Does the Ghost-Spider #1 1:100 Variant have a Worthy Contender?

I was looking through some Thor comics online the other day and came across JeeHyung Lee’s 1:50 variant of The Mighty Thor #705. It was one of the most stunning covers I have seen in a long time – I fully acknowledge we are in the age of amazing cover art. For whatever reason, I had no recollection of ever seeing this cover. The Artgerm variant seems to have received all the attention as far as variants go for this book. Lee’s variant channels much of the same energy as his Ghost Spider work and is equally as mesmerizing, yet nobody is really talking about it. You can find raw copies of this book of less than $100 and sometimes for less than $50. 9.8s currently sell for around $120.

Comics, like all assets, rise in price when demand exceeds supply. Thor #705 is set up well to rise in value when we look at these two factors.


The print run for The Mighty Thor #705 is very similar to Ghost Spider #1 at 96,930 vs. 91,587. Lee’s variant for Thor is 1:50 ratio vs 1:100 for Ghost Spider so it is likely that there are at least twice as many copies of Thor #705 out there. That said, the GoCollect database has 110 graded copies of Thor #705 versus 196 graded copies of Ghost Spider #1.


The Mighty Thor #705 has several things going for it when it comes to increased future demand. While both Thor #705 and Ghost Spider #1 are key issues, I would argue that the key status of Thor is greater as it features the death of Jane Foster. It’s no mystery that Jane Foster is going to play a major role in the upcoming Thor movie in 2021. Some believe that the character will die during the movie. Furthermore, all things Thor is hot right now with Donny Cates taking over the writing duties on the character. Lastly, JeeHyung Lee is becoming an A-list cover artist and people are building collections of his work. I see demand growing for this book exponentially as people catch on to it.

Final Analysis

The Mighty Thor #705 is a visually stunning piece of artwork that should be a wall piece in almost anybody’s collection. It seems very unlikely that any comic can take the title of “most sought after variant” from Ghost Spider #1 anytime soon. That said, JeeHyung Lee may give himself a run for his money with this work on Thor #705.

Thanks for reading.


Mr. Long/Short

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Comix Guy (@comix_guy) January 16, 2020 - 4:54 pm

There were also a number of store variants for Mighty Thor #1 unlike Ghost Spider #1. That’s why using distribution numbers skews the truth.


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