Doctor Doom Keys on a Budget: What to Keep and Eye On

by Matt Tuck

FF5-202x300 Doctor Doom Keys on a Budget: What to Keep and Eye OnWith visions of the Fantastic Four in the MCU, there is growing speculation surrounding their iconic foe, Doctor Doom, and his key issues are getting the bump from the FF hype.

The rumor mill is churning for the good doctor. 

The latest theory is that he will be connected to Sokovia, the fictional European nation that was decimated in Age of Ultron. Then there is the speculation Doom will be Black Panther 2’s mystery villain. Of course, the easiest route would be to introduce Doom alongside the FF in their feature film. 

However it happens, Doctor Doom would be a great addition to the MCU. All that speculation is leading to high prices for his key issues.


This is wishful thinking for the vast majority of comic collectors, but it’s interesting to look at the numbers all the same. 

When it comes to Doom’s first appearance in Fantastic Four #5, the prices are as impressive as you might expect. When a 0.5 that is missing the last page sells for over $2k, that tells you everything you need to know about this issue.

Just for fun, let’s pretend that we have $10,000 to spend on an FF #5. What kind of grade can we expect? Based on the 90-day average, we could almost afford a 6.5, but not quite. Instead, we would have to opt for a 6.0 that last sold for $7,950 in June. Now that the FF are confirmed for their first MCU movie, that 6.0 will likely zap our $10k budget the next time one trades hands.

FF-Annual-2-198x300 Doctor Doom Keys on a Budget: What to Keep and Eye OnFANTASTIC FOUR ANNUAL #2

Not everyone has thousands of dollars to spend on the villain’s first appearance in Fantastic Four #5. That’s why I am aiming for some lesser Doctor Doom keys.

When it comes to Silver Age Doctor Doom appearances, it is hard to find anything that is not in the thousands for even mid-grade copies. In Fantastic Four Annual #2, you get a Doom origin story with him on the cover on the cheaper side of things. 

In a high grade, you will easily shell out more than $1k. This one gets easier on the budget beginning with the 8.0, which has a 90-day average of $804. While that is not cheap by any means, it is much more cost-effective than his bigger Silver Age keys. 

I recommend looking at the mid-grade copies. A 5.5 last sold for $256 in November, and that is a reasonable price for Doom’s origin. If you don’t mind a low grade, shoot for the 2.5. That one brought $125 in December.

Avengers-25-197x300 Doctor Doom Keys on a Budget: What to Keep and Eye OnAVENGERS #25

If Marvel Studios decides to go a different route with Doom, Avengers #25 could suddenly become very popular. 

Certainly, Doom is synonymous with the Fantastic Four, but he is such a versatile antagonist that he could be pitted against virtually anyone in the MCU. Why not have him single-handedly take on the Avengers? It could happen, and he first met “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes” in Avengers #25.

For about $100, you can have anything up to a 6.0 on average. If you are willing to invest closer to $300, then you could own a beautiful 9.0 that has the potential for major gains.

Marvel-Super-Heroes-20-203x300 Doctor Doom Keys on a Budget: What to Keep and Eye OnMARVEL SUPER-HEROES #20

As popular as Doctor Doom was in the early days of Marvel, he did not get his own solo story until 1969’s Marvel Super-Heroes

If we are looking for high grades, we are not going to find anything in the near-mint range for less than $895. Instead, let’s fall back to the 8.5, which averaged $423 in 2020. Still too much? Look closer at the 7.0. That mid-grade had an FMV just over $200 last year. Of course, those prices will inflate in 2021, but it gives us a starting point.


Secret-Wars-10-200x300 Doctor Doom Keys on a Budget: What to Keep and Eye OnMARVEL SUPER-HEROES SECRET WARS #10

This one is for all the cover collectors out there because Secret Wars #10 is a masterpiece and required purchasing for Doom fans. Mike Zeck certainly outdid himself here.

The original Secret Wars series has been getting more popular by the month, but #10 is still reasonably priced. If Marvel ever adapts Secret Wars for the big screen, then this could be a visual that wows movie audiences.

A 9.8 is currently averaging $125. If you don’t want to spend three digits for this classic, consider the 9.6. For only 0.2 of a step down in grade, you can save $42 on average.


If Doctor Doom had not been featured in three Fantastic Four movies, I would say he is a lock for the MCU. Marvel Studios tends to shy away from characters established in other franchises, so Doom is still a question mark for the MCU. Even so, he would be an amazing addition, to say the least.

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