Do You Have Your Millarworld Keys?

by Matt Tuck

As collectors prep for Millarworld titles to be adapted for Netflix, it’s a good time to invest in the key issues with prices relatively low and buzz building around a new Mark Millar series that already has a movie in development.

In August 2017, Netflix announced the acquisition of Mark Millar’s Millarworld, putting into motion a plan to bring his independent creations to life. After close to a year and a half later, the first small screen adaptations are almost ready to be introduced to mainstream audiences.

I imagine this is at least part of the reason Netflix has been cancelling the Marvel shows. Why would they want to promote another company’s characters when they now have their own comic line?

As Netflix puts more advertising dollars into the Millarworld characters, the values for those keys will pick up. So far, we’re seeing just that.

Jupiters-Legacy-1-195x300 Do You Have Your Millarworld Keys?The most recognizable title in the Netflix news has been Jupiter’s Legacy, which centers on the children of a Justice League-esque team of superheroes.

There haven’t been a huge amount of sales of Jupiter’s Legacy #1 in any grade in the past year. In fact, the top seller – the 9.8 – sold 20 fewer copies in 2018 than it did a year prior. While the volume may be down, fair market values are up. That 9.8 sold for $76 earlier this month. Last year, an $85 sale set a record high for that grade. In fact, there hasn’t been a sale under $70 since last July.





Sharkey-1-195x300 Do You Have Your Millarworld Keys?A title that will be a hot seller is the upcoming Sharkey the Bounty Hunter #1.

Netflix has already released teasers for the upcoming movie, and the comic won’t debut until February. This is a case of Netflix testing the waters of dual releases for both the comic and the movie. While it’s anyone’s guess if it will help Netflix ratings, it will assuredly boost comic sales, at least for the first issue. Since you can get it for cover price, it’s worth the gamble.






Magic-Order-1-195x300 Do You Have Your Millarworld Keys?Another title you’ll want to watch is The Magic Order. This was the first title published after the Netflix buyout, and it stands to reason that it will be developed into live-action format for the streaming service. There’s several variants for Magic Order #1, but the Port City Comics edition has been the top seller, though one hasn’t traded hands on eBay since October. Still, that variant in a 9.8 sold for $82.






Empress-Murphy-Variant-197x300 Do You Have Your Millarworld Keys?Netflix has already announced that Empress is on the movie slate. While it’s still not a major seller, a 9.8 Empress #1 standard edition sold for $80 last month when it averaged just $32 in 2017. Although no other edition has sold in the past year, the Murphy variant cover will be worth your time to find. In 2017, it averaged $60, which was almost double the next-highest-averaging variant.






Huck-1-198x300 Do You Have Your Millarworld Keys?The final film project that was announced is Huck. Again, we’re not seeing a huge increase in volume for Huck #1, but the 9.8 FMV is steadily rising. Right after the Netflix deal was made public in August 2017, a 9.8 Huck #1 brought $90. It hasn’t matched that number since – there actually weren’t any sales reported for over a year after – but the most recent sale was for a respectable $71. When the first trailer for Huck is dropped, it should surpass that record high.







Keep in mind that this is Netflix and not Marvel Studios, so we’re not going to experience an absolute boom for any of these titles, at least not like we do for a Marvel movie. Still, investing in the Millarworld comics will be worth the gamble once these characters are thrown into the mainstream consciousness.

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