Disney+ Streaming: Winter Soldier vs. U.S. Agent

by Norman Robinson III

144658_37b6e29c9c7e3d5cbbc9e03b38448bc8cdfbfb34-197x300 Disney+ Streaming: Winter Soldier vs. U.S. AgentThe Disney+ show The Falcon and the Winter Soldier recently confirmed a few key Marvel characters will be appearing. Every once in a while Hollywood gets casting right, and this is one of those times. They have chosen Wyatt Russell to play the self-righteous supervillain U.S Agent. Look they have a good, young actor who did work in a movie called Overlord. Did you see Wyatt in it? Then you know he is a good choice. Wyatt will make a perfect U.S. Agent. This choice will help bolster the entire The Falcon and the Winter Soldier franchise.

The U.S. Agent is the government replacement for Steve Rogers (Captain America) in the comics. Initially, the character was Super-Patriot a kind of bad boy Cap that resented Cap and felt he was stronger and the better pick. Soon after that appearance, he was reborn as U.S. Agent (John Walker). Obviously, someone liked the good Scotch; if not, his name might have been Jack Daniel. He was always stronger than Cap but not better. He was a “might makes right” type of villain. An almost alter-ego to Captain America. He first appeared in Captain America #354. Can this ego with a flag inflate our profits?

Captain America #354

The U.S. Agent was created by Mark Gruenwald (script) and Kieron Dwyer (pencils) in 1989. The character was meant to be a foil for Captain America but now he will challenge the new Cap (Falcon). He has been confirmed to appear in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. The uptick from this info is still forthcoming. I would not assume that the TV show can produce the same results as a movie. But it will highlight this character and put U.S. Agent into the mainstream of MCU. This book is so untouched it almost has no sales history.

  • Grade 9.8 $150 Last Sale returns positive +50% (2017-2018).
  • Grade 9.4 $25 Last Sale returns N/A (2014)

I hate to make intuitive leaps with near-zero sales history at our disposal to assist with good speculation. Be careful, don’t overextend on this purchase and spend conservatively. If the villain is popular you might be able to make $100 before the book collapses. This is a short-term buy and hold.

252231_ccc65ae43ebc2f8920365a0b1efdc336b8b3a166-195x300 Disney+ Streaming: Winter Soldier vs. U.S. AgentCaptain America #6

Captain America: The Winter Soldier was a fun movie about Cap and Bucky. The actors did good work, and I loved the plot. It might be a good bet to hope for a rise in the Winter Soldier’s first appearance comic book, from this new upcoming Disney series. He will be Falcon’s right-hand man in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier on Disney. The Winter Soldier first appeared in Captain America #6 created by Ed Brubaker (script) with Steve Epting’s art (pencils and ink). Brubaker created one of the most original villain/heroes in the entire Captain America franchise minus Cap, and the Red Skull. Can the Winter Soldier battle his way to bucks?





  • Grade 9.8 $190 FMV returns positive +42.8%
  • Grade 9.6 $110 FMV returns positive +38.1%
  • Grade 9.4 $85 FMV returns positive +27.5%
  • Grade 9.2 $38 FMV returns positive +13.8%

The numbers for this first appearance of Winter Soldier are strong, have a good history and enough sales to make it a solid investment. My guess is that as long as the TV show is running, then this book is going up. Though there has been mixed media hype for the series, the addition of Wyatt Russell as a solid villain could make all the difference. Instead of one season, the fans might get three.

The bottom line is Captain America #6 is a good speculation. You can’t go wrong buying the first appearance of the Winter Solder. Experiment on the U.S. Agent if you like, no harm could be done; as it costs very little to bet on Captain America #354. However, the smart money is with Captain America #6. This book is a solid earner be sure to get your bets down on Buck-Y for the big bucks.

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