Disney Production Company Names May Reveal Clues To Upcoming Phase 4 Projects for Marvel

by Matthew Williams

Marvel-Phase-4-300x169 Disney Production Company Names May Reveal Clues To Upcoming Phase 4 Projects for MarvelProduction teams have been created for all of the upcoming movies in phase 4 revealed by Marvel Studios last year, except for two.

A month ago Disney filed paperwork to register two separate production companies dedicated to working on two upcoming projects. One is called “Grass-Fed” and the other is “Solve Everything”.

Marvel often gives production companies a code-name that has something to do with the movies they are working on. So what projects could these be referencing that Marvel Studios is gearing up to work on next?

Solve Everything = Fantastic Four?

Solve Everything is a story arc that takes place from Fantastic Four #570 to #572. That’s not to say Marvel will be adapting this story, but some of the story elements are in line with the direction the MCU is going. For example, the Solve Everything story arc involves multiple realities, the infinity gauntlet, and the Celestials. We will get into the Celestials with the Eternals movie, we have seen Thanos and the infinity gauntlet, and multiple realities is definitely an idea that is going to be explored in upcoming films, starting with Doctor Strange and The Multiverse of Madness. So this seems to be referencing a Fantastic Four project.

Grass-Fed = Secret Invasion…?

The other production company, named “Grass-Fed” is a lot less obvious.

Cows-Skrulls-Fantastic-Four-2-Grass-Fed-cropped-300x277 Disney Production Company Names May Reveal Clues To Upcoming Phase 4 Projects for MarvelCharles Murphy theorizes that it could possibly be a veiled reference to the Secret Invasion story Marvel Studios wants to adapt. Secret Invasion deals with the Skrulls using their shape-shifting abilities to impersonate and manipulate the superheroes over a period of several years. Murphy points to the end panel of Fantastic Four #2, which is the issue where the Skrulls first appeared. The Skrulls are defeated and hypnotized into permanently becoming harmless cows grazing in a field. “Grass-Fed” certainly lines up with that theory.

…or Grass-Fed = Blade?

Even though that sounds like a great fit, the Secret Invasion movie idea is only a few months old. Comic-Con 2019 announced The Blade movie starring Mahershala Ali. There are only two that have not had a production company registered. If one is Fantastic Four which was also announced a year ago, the other is likely Blade.

Murphy points out that traditionally Marvel will register a production company a year ahead of starting production. Then, they also like to start production about a year ahead of a film’s release date in theaters. So, a film’s release can be two years after a production company is registered. Based on this, he gives an interesting connection for Blade. These two production companies were registered in August 2020, and Disney still has a release date reserved for October 7th, 2022. This would be close to Halloween, what a perfect time for a Vampire movie!

wesley-snipes-injection-300x169 Disney Production Company Names May Reveal Clues To Upcoming Phase 4 Projects for MarvelAs far as the “Grass-Fed” reference in regards to Blade, who knows? maybe he is Vegetarian in diet since he despises his vampire half and appeases his cravings with a serum injection rather than praying on humans like the vampires he hunts.

A Grain of Salt

Disney owns many properties and the names of these production company names may not be for Marvel Studios projects. As you can see though, there are strong connections to Marvel characters and storylines given these bizarre names. All of this should be taken with a grain of salt. It’s an interesting conjecture to consider nonetheless. Phase 4 has been an interesting journey!


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Isn’t the obvious connection a Blade of Grass?


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