Diesel Power: Bloodshot the Movie

by Norman Robinson III

150247_9bab9979bf6ae6f376d80e00dd4d658969873c4d-197x300 Diesel Power: Bloodshot the MovieAt one-time independent comics were regularly overlooked as potential movies; that time is long past. Now Hollywood is plugging anything and everything onto a streaming service or the big screen. Bloodshot is one of those independent comic book-based movies. Its trailer in mid-October 2019 was off the hook. With the New Year, Vin Diesel will invade our favorite metroplexes everywhere on February 21, 2020.

The great thing about Bloodshot is that the storyline is fairly simple. Ray Garrison a former marine is killed in combat. He is resurrected as Bloodshot and enhanced with nanotechnology to become the perfect killing machine. Then he is given fake memories to enhance his will to complete the mission. Basically, Garrison is a tool for mad scientists who reprogram him to kill. Watch as Vin Diesel flexes his nanotech muscles and takes out assassination targets left and right. Can the first Bloodshot movie provide enough gore and testosterone to rachet up the hype? Further, will Bloodshot’s key comic RAI #0  be useful as a New Year’s speculation?







Bloodshot-comic-book-300x300 Diesel Power: Bloodshot the MovieRAI #0

This comic book was one of many new comic book companies created during the 90s (1989-1994). The character was extremely successful as an independent comic book. Created by the writing of Bob Layton and the art of David Lapham this book is a two-for-one: the first appearance of Bloodshot and the first appearance of Rai 2. In addition, it also tells a partial origin story. Anyone but Vin Diesel and I would say this dies a slow death on the vine of creativity. But Diesel can put posteriors in seats and has done so many times. What is the long-term return on this brutal character?


  • Grade 9.9 $275 last sale 9-5-19 returns negative -32.9%
  • Grade 9.8 $115 last sale 11-21-19 returns positive +11.7%
  • Grade 9.0 $30 last sale 1-27-19 returns positive +11.5%
  • Grade 8.0 $28 last sale 10-18-19 returns positive +190.1%



img_4472-300x225 Diesel Power: Bloodshot the MovieDon’t even think about hunting down a grade 9.9 in this book. The movie will have come and gone before you can even unholster that idea. I like the history with grade 9.8 at +11.7% with 775 sales you are looking at solid performance and a great track record. If we extrapolate that performance in the short-term; then the grade 9.8 really shines at a positive +24.3% return. This is what is necessary to have confidence that the book can be flipped. If you have a raw copy that is probably only a very fine plus, then just sit on it. If the movie is great and there are calls for sequels then you can send it in to get CGC approval at a later date.





For those pure speculators who own three or more copies, you should already have these books personally graded and either sent into slab or start selling. Once we get past the upcoming Star Wars movie; then Bloodshot will use every bit of marketing it can to boost ticket sales. We should see a significant increase in price at that time. Make sure you are behind Bloodshot (Diesel) and RAI #0 not in front of him when it comes time for action. That is unless you have speculative nanotech body armor hanging in your closet.

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