Did Michael Keaton Open the Door for Flashpoint Batman?

by Matt Tuck

Flashpoint-Batman-Knight-of-Vengeance-1-195x300 Did Michael Keaton Open the Door for Flashpoint Batman?With Michael Keaton returning as Batman for 2022’s Flash movie, it rekindles the interest in a live-action Flashpoint Batman. Does that mean you should invest in his first appearance?

Flashpoint Batman First Appearance

At the current prices, it wouldn’t hurt.

There isn’t much to gamble on Flashpoint: Batman Knight of Vengeance #1. Collectors aren’t exactly sprinting to get their copies. CGC has only graded 16 total copies, according to its census data. Since last year, just two copies have sold online, and neither brought more than $46, which isn’t much above the cost of grading.

Flashpoint-Batman-art-2-191x300 Did Michael Keaton Open the Door for Flashpoint Batman?THE RUMORS

Ever since Jeffrey Dean Morgan was cast as Thomas Wayne for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, the rumor mill has been churning. The story is that Flashpoint will cross between alternate realities. That leaves the door wide open for Morgan to suit up as the Knight of Vengeance.

Couple the Michael Keaton casting news with HBO Max giving new life to the Justice League, and virtually every rumor is back in the spotlight, beginning with Flashpoint Batman.

With Snyder’s DCEU so prominently in the news, anything connected to his vision for the Justice League has garnered speculation. That led to a new batch of rumors that JDM will wear the cowl and bring the Knight of Vengeance to live-action in the Ezra Miller Flash solo movie, Flashpoint.

Let’s be clear: there is nothing that substantiates this as even remotely true. It’s pure speculation, but it’s fun speculation all the same. Before the Keaton news, I didn’t see this happening, but this changes things.

Batman-22-189x300 Did Michael Keaton Open the Door for Flashpoint Batman?WHO IS THE KNIGHT OF VENGEANCE?

Basically, he is the Punisher in a Batman costume, complete with guns and no qualms about murdering the wicked.

It’s been almost 10 years since this popular alternate Batman made his comic debut. He was part of 2011’s Flashpoint event that heralded the polarizing New 52 DC Comics relaunch, and he instantly gained fame.

The story is simple enough. In this reality, Thomas and Martha Wayne survived Joe Chill’s infamous mugging in Crime Alley, but Bruce was murdered as a child. It drove both Waynes to the brink of their sanity. Thomas would don the Batman costume and become a no-rules vigilante. Martha’s grief led her to become the Flashpoint Joker.

Since then, Flashpoint Batman has become Batman canon. In Batman #2223 from the DC Rebirth, the Earth-One Batman and Flash crossed into an alternate timeline and came face-to-face with Thomas Wayne. It was a nice send-off for the Flashpoint Batman, giving him a chance to meet his adult son, but fans demanded more. DC responded by resurrecting him a third time in the current Batman series, and it’s surely not the last we’ll see of him.

Flashpoint-Batman-art-225x300 Did Michael Keaton Open the Door for Flashpoint Batman?FINAL FLASHPOINT BATMAN THOUGHTS

The odds may be against Flashpoint Batman making it to live-action, but DC won’t leave the character on the shelf for too long. It is not out of the realm of possibility for him to star in his own animated movie, which is much more likely than live-action. While that wouldn’t do too much to bolster values, it would still give this issue a bump.


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