Did Marvel Reveal Quasar for ‘Quantumania?’

by Matt Tuck

012323B-1024x536 Did Marvel Reveal Quasar for 'Quantumania?'Speculators are drooling over the latest MCU news as buyers scramble for those Quasar keys.

The latest buzz in the world of Marvel Studios is that Quasar is quietly getting introduced in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. Reports are circulating that The Good Place actor William Jackson Harper is playing a character known as Quaz. Theorists are putting the pieces together to mean one thing: Quaz is a nickname for Quasar.

Quasar-art-300x256 Did Marvel Reveal Quasar for 'Quantumania?'

In the comics, Quasar is Wendell Vaughn. Although he flunked out of S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy, he went on to work security at a research laboratory. Those scientists just so happened to be experimenting on the deceased Crusader’s magical Quantum Bands. When A.I.M. attacks the lab, Wendell sports the bands, thus giving him exponential power. 

With the conveniently named Quantum Bands and a character so close to being named Quasar in a movie taking place mostly in the Quantum Realm, it stands to reason the theorists are on the right track. Either that, or Marvel Studios is planning another giant middle finger as they’re prone to doing. 

No matter the case, it’s made these three key issues a collecting priority in short order.


Captain-America-217-194x300 Did Marvel Reveal Quasar for 'Quantumania?'

The first time we met the man who would become Quasar, he went by the name “Marvel Man.” Introduced as a member of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Superagents, he joined Falcon, who brought the star power to a team of Blue Streak, Texas Twister, Vamp, and, of course, Marvel Man. 

Of all the Quasar keys, this is the one to own with prices that dwarf the others on today’s list. In September 2022, a graded 9.8 traded hands online for $720. There was a sale in October, but the exact sale price was not available. It must have been significant because the 12-month average currently sits at over $900.


Hulk-234-193x300 Did Marvel Reveal Quasar for 'Quantumania?'

Quasar was properly introduced a year later, and he was given an immediate boss battle against the Hulk. Traditionally, Marvel pits new characters against either the Green Goliath or Thor to establish their strength and toughness. The publisher has played that card with several famous faces. The likes of Wolverine, Adam Warlock, Beta Ray Bill, and Moonstone are just a few that have gone up against one of the two early in their comic careers. Thus, as Marvel Man transitioned into Quasar, he was thrown into a brawl with the Hulk.

Just the fact that he held his own was enough to convince readers that the newest addition to the lineup was worthy of praise.

There have not been many 9.8s being bought and sold on eBay to this point, but I expect that will soon change. For the past 90 days, it’s averaged $359.


Quasar-1-1989-194x300 Did Marvel Reveal Quasar for 'Quantumania?'

Eleven years after first arriving in the Marvel-616 Universe, Quasar was given his own solo title. As outdated as his headband and costume combination may have been, he still got a chance to shine in 1989 (enjoy the rhyme). It was not exactly a massive hit, but if Harper is indeed portraying the cosmic superhero, Quasar #1 may get its revenge decades later. 

If you’re looking for a copy, you can expect to keep your overhead fairly low. There hasn’t been a graded 9.8 to sell online since June 2022 when it brought $220. 


Here comes Quasar, it seems. After James Gunn teased the character with a Quasar brand VCR in 2017, collectors and investors alike were clamoring for those key issues. With Harper playing “Quaz,” it stands to reason that he is a modern interpretation of the Bronze Age superhero. Now we just have to wait until February’s Quantumania premiere to see how it plays out.

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