DEVIL’S CONCUBINE finally available in North America

by Jeff

mar110487 DEVIL'S CONCUBINE finally available in North AmericaMedia Release — IDW Publishing is excited to announce the release of THE DEVIL’S CONCUBINE, available in May. Written and drawn by Danish artist Palle Schmidt, THE DEVIL’S CONCUBINE was previously released in Denmark as Blodets Konkubine, and is sure to quickly become a fan-favorite in North America.

“My goal was making an all-out action movie in comic book form, something not exactly in the Danish tradition. I tried to cram as many guns, explosions, and Mexican stand-offs in as possible, while hopefully adding something new to the genre,” said creator Schmidt. “The book was always intended for a wider, international audience so this U.S. release from IDW is a dream come true for me.”

Set in a large European city, THE DEVIL’S CONCUBINE revolves around two cool but not too clever hitmen, hired to retrieve a mysterious cooler case by an unknown party. When the two accidentally shoot their contacts at the exchange without getting their money first, the mess really hits the fan. Chased by both the police, a gang of dangerous Rastafaris, and an erratic crime boss out for their blood, the pair bluff and shoot their way through the seedy underworld, on their way to the man who hired them, toward their own destruction.

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