DELICATES: COLLECTOR’S EDITION to feature never-before-seen content

by Charles LePage

The second installment of Brenna Thummler’s Sheets trilogy, DELICATES, will be published as a deluxe hardcover collector’s edition by Oni Press.

The press release follows:

Media Release — Next spring, Oni Press, the multiple Eisner and Harvey Award-winning comic book and graphic novel publisher, is publishing the second installment of Brenna Thummler’s bestselling Sheets trilogy as a brand-new deluxe hardcover collector’s edition. DELICATES: COLLECTOR’S EDITION will feature never-before-seen content,including new cover art, fan art, photography and darkroom notes, character designs, storyboards, easter eggs, and fun facts from Thummler herself. Following the events of Sheets, Brenna Thummler’s Delicates is a powerful story about what it means to fit in and those who are left on the outside. It shows what it’s like to feel invisible, and the importance of feeling seen. Above all, it is a story of asking for help when all seems dark, and bringing light to those who need it most.

unnamed DELICATES: COLLECTOR'S EDITION to feature never-before-seen content

“Delicates takes the shape of Sheets and flips it inside out,” said Brenna Thummler. “Where book one was an examination of the internal struggle of Marjorie Glatt, book two pushes her out of her own head and forces her to view struggles from the outside. I think it’s so important for readers to get into contrasting characters’ minds, which is why I love to write from various perspectives. In doing so, we learn both how we’re different from one another and how we’re the same. And both are equally important.”

Marjorie Glatt’s life hasn’t been the same ever since she discovered a ghost hiding in her family’s laundromat. Wendell, who died young and now must wander the earth with nothing more than a sheet for a body, soon became one of Marjorie’s only friends. But when Marjorie finally gets accepted by the popular kids at school, she worries that if they learn about her secret ghost friend, she’ll be labeled as a “freak who sees dead people.” With Marjorie’s insistence on keeping Wendell a secret from her new friends, he begins to feel even more invisible than he already is.

Eliza Duncan feels invisible, too. She’s an avid photographer, and her zealous interest in finding and photographing ghosts gets her labeled as “different” by all the other kids in school. Constantly on the outside, Eliza begins to feel like a ghost herself. It’s not long before Marjorie must confront the price she pays to be accepted by the popular kids. Is it worth losing her friend, Wendell? Is she partially to blame for the bullying Eliza endures?

“Brenna Thummler’s Sheets trilogy is one you won’t want to miss,” said Oni Press Editor Grace Scheipeter. “The second installment, Delicates, is especially powerful. All at once heartwarming, gut wrenching, whimsical, and poignant, Delicates intricately explores the need to feel included and accepted for who you are. I’m so excited for both fans and new readers to experience this touching story in a new format with all the behind-the-scenes bonus material.”

Thummler’s work has been celebrated both by critics and the comics community. Sheets was selected as one of Barnes & Noble’s Best Books of 2018, followed by Delicates’ accolades including an American Library Association 2021 nomination for Best Graphic Novels for Children and a 2021 Cybil Award nomination.

Here’s what people are saying about Brenna Thummler’s Sheets Trilogy:

“Brenna Thummler’s first original graphic novel is a reason to celebrate.”
—Brian Selznick, author of The Invention of Hugo Cabret

“For days after reading Brenna Thummler’s Sheets I have been wandering my neighborhood, haunted, enchanted, and in need of freshly pressed clothing.”
—Lemony Snicket, author of A Series of Unfortunate Events

“An original exploration of what it means to be seen and accepted.”—Kirkus Reviews
“Delicates is a sophisticated, beautiful graphic novel that gets to the heart of being a teenager.”
—Foreword Reviews, starred review

DELICATES: COLLECTOR’S EDITION will be available at retailers everywhere on March 12, 2024.

About Brenna Thummler

Brenna Thummler has always known her life is haunted. Much like Marjorie Glatt, she grew up in a small Pennsylvania town, where piano practice and ghost stories were part of her daily routine. It wasn’t until she attended Ringling College of Art and Design, however, that she realized her passion for storytelling (as well as her hatred of laundry). Now back in her hometown, she spends her days drawing, writing, and being suspicious of her sheets.

About the Company

The Oni-Lion Forge Publishing Group is a premier comic book and graphic novel publisher located in Portland, Oregon. Merged with Lion Forge Comics in 2019 but established in 1997, Oni Press publishes a thoughtfully curated line of award-winning original and licensed graphic novels and comic books for readers of all ages. Notable titles from the Oni-Lion Forge Publishing Group include: The Tea Dragon Society, Sheets, Gender Queer, A Quick & Easy Guide to They/Them Pronouns, Scott Pilgrim, and Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty™.

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