Defenders: Is it Time to Invest?

by Mike W

The-Defenders-199x300 Defenders: Is it Time to Invest?Not too long ago, Marvel properties such as Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Jessica Jones were getting big-time exposure on the small screen. Specifically, these characters all had their own solo show on the Netflix streaming platform. Daredevil debuted in 2015 on the platform and it followed with Jessica Jones, then Luke Cage, and finally Iron Fist. The plan for these characters would be to eventually team-up together as the Defenders in their own show together. Netflix made that happen and all four characters appeared in the mini-series together in 2017 that lasted one season. Contractually, the agreement between Marvel and Netflix is over and there is high speculation that these characters could be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) in the near future. The question is, will all of them be debuting with the hopes of teaming up again?719055_daredevil-1-199x300 Defenders: Is it Time to Invest?


The Daredevil series on Netflix was considered the most successful out of the four characters. It lasted three seasons the show received very good reviews from critics and fans. Daredevil is heavily rumored to join the MCU as early as in the upcoming Spider-Man 3 film, starring Tom Holland. Many people think Matt Murdock, aka Daredevil, could make an appearance as Spider-Man’s lawyer in the movie. The need for a lawyer for Spider-Man is due to the events from the previous movie. It would be an incredible way to introduce Murdock, as he has great ties with Spider-Man.

Daredevil #1 is the issue that depicts the first appearance of Daredevil.  The rumors from the last couple of months are fueling the value of this issue. Sales for each grade are consistently going up lately as collectors believe it is a smart buy before any news breaks out. I highly recommend trying to get a copy before it is too late.

Jessica Jones

alias-198x300 Defenders: Is it Time to Invest?Jessica Jones is the next character that received her own show on Netflix. It also achieved substantial success. The show lasted two seasons, with Kristen Ritter starring as the character. At the moment, there are no big rumors speculating about her return to the MCU. Her current tie would be with Daredevil in a team-up similar to Defenders.

Alias #1 is the first appearance of Jessica Jones. The last six months of sales confirm low sales and low demand for the character. No rumors also contribute to the value of this issue not rising. It is a great opportunity to buy low on this issue if you truly believe she will join the MCU.

Luke Cage & Iron Fist

The next two characters tend to go hand and hand with each other. The names I am mentioning are Luke Cage and Iron Fist. Both shows featuring these characters lasted two seasons each. Many critics and fans alike provided harsh reviews for the Iron Fist show. Specifically, the reviews were negative on the fight scenes. Luke Cage lasted two seasons and for me, it felt like the development of the plot was too slow. Both shows manage to pull out two seasons and ended with their story unfinished. All in all, these characters are very good friends in the comics and have teamed up with each other several times throughout their existence.

Hero-for-Hire-1-199x300 Defenders: Is it Time to Invest?Marvel_Premiere_Vol_1_15-195x300 Defenders: Is it Time to Invest?Luke Cage made his first appearance in Hero for Hire #1. The last six months of sales have shown mixed results. Sales are steady, with grades producing both negative and positive growth. The results imply that collectors are not 100% sure if they believe the character will join the MCU. It feels like the belief amongst people is “50-50.”

Marvel Premiere #15 is the first appearance of Iron Fist. The sales for Iron Fist show more engagement amongst buyers and sellers. The positive gains are bigger, while the negative correlation is showing under 5%. Another reason for the demand is one particular rumor: There is speculation that Iron Fist could make an appearance in the upcoming Shang Chi movie. The movie is based on a martial arts tournament and that is in the field of the master martial artist, Iron Fist. This issue is definitely a good buy as there are rumors fueling the demand for the book.

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