Dear Santa – My Christmas Wish List

by Michael Vlachakis

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Dear Santa;

I am writing to you because I have been an especially good boy this year.  I ate all my vegetables, I helped an old lady cross the street, and I only ripped on Jared Leto in blogs like three or four times.  Because of this, I was hoping that you would read my wish list of comics and see if you could find it in your heart to deliver them to me…box shipped, tons of bubble wrap and padded.  If you are having trouble figuring out how many exist or the Fair Market Value (FMV), please feel free to use the handy link below that will lead you to the GoCollect comic listing.

#1 – I want a copy of Fantastic Four Annuals #6, for my collection.  This comic has the first appearance of the villainous Annihilus and the birth of Fantastic Four wunderkind Franklin Richards.  It has an amazing cover and would be a spectacular gem in any collection!  One of five 9.8 copies recently sold at auction for over $15,000…I am unsure I can ever blog enough to cover that price.  Oh well!

#2 – Strange Tales #138 is an extremely rare comic that holds the first appearance of the cosmic entity Eternity.  I expect Eternity to play a role in future Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) offerings and we should expect this comic to become increasingly popular.  With 385 total census copies, it may be difficult to pin down the grade you want.

#3 – Even though Captain America may be gone from the MCU, it does not mean it is time to ignore Captain America titles.  Captain America #217 has the first appearance of Quasar (then Marvel Man) and is picking up steam on the market due to rumors of an appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy 3.  We will see if the rumor pays and propels this book into space.

#4 & #5- I am wondering if there will be another work up to a big baddie for the next iteration of the Avengers to face off against.  If I had a magic wand and could make things happen, I would hope for one of two villains.  That is why Avengers #8 and Fantastic Four #48 make my wish list.  Both Kang and Galactus would make worthy foes for a super team-up and they give you an easy path to introduce the Fantastic Four into the MCU.  Let’s hope the brass at Marvel makes this happen for fans.

#6 – After the events of Far From Home, we can expect the next Spider-Man movie to have a more mature version of Peter Parker and a whole new set of problems.  If I was a speculating man, I would assume he will have exactly 6 problems.  Marvel has been foreplaying with the audience using hints of the Sinister Six arriving in the MCU.  I expect copies of Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 to be hot commodities as rumors heat up the next few years.

#7 – Last, but not least, I would like an Iron Man #102 9.8 grade to hit the market.  I have not seen one in years, and the first appearance of Dreadknight is not an expensive book (based on prior sells…although it has been a while, and time makes fools of us all) but it has been a very elusive book for collectors.  For those who have more expensive tastes, there is an Iron Man #102 35 Cent Price Variant that does exist.

Thank you Santa for all you do to promote the joys of the holiday season by spoiling kids all around the world and taking credit from hard-working parents who love their kids.

Your Pal,


Which comic is at the top of your holiday wish list?  Is there a comic you wish you still had from years ago?  Drop your comments and join the speculation!


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1 comment December 16, 2019 - 11:03 am

My santa list is silver age spider-man books.


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