Deadworld: Slaughterhouse Trailer

by Jeff

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aug090838 Deadworld: Slaughterhouse TrailerComing in October: Deadworld HC Vol. 03 Slaughterhouse

So if you’re a fan of zombies and comics, you probably don’t need me to tell you that Deadworld is bone-crunchingly fantastic. But on the off chance you’ve not yet heard about the title (probably because you’re holed up in preparation for the imminent zombie apocalypse), I strongly advise you to catch up on this series and quick. You’re timing couldn’t be better, as Deadworld Vol. 03: Slaughterhouse (the first volume to be offered in hardcover), is just around the corner with an October release.

Alright, so you refuse to leave your fortified refuge and go check it out? Lucky for you, the folks at Desperado Publishing are sympathetic to your fears and have made a preview trailer of the video available, which you can view right here. And if that wasn’t enough, you can go right here and preview the entire first chapter of the book for free. Oh, and if the Zombie-geddon doesn’t happen before then, keep your eyes peeled here for news about the upcoming Deadworld movie, which is being developed as a major motion picture from the producer of Coraline and David Hayter, the screenwriter of X-Men 2 and Watchmen. Enjoy.

[video:youtube:hOBy6HKaLw4 W:425 H:344]

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arrow_right_sm Deadworld: Slaughterhouse Trailer PREVIEW THE FIRST CHAPTER FOR FREE

Questions? Practical advice for disposing of unwanted undead? Post them below!

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