DEAD SOLDIER to be released by Dynamite and Liquid Comics

by Jeff

DeadSoldier01-cov-Temp DEAD SOLDIER to be released by Dynamite and Liquid ComicsMedia Release — Dynamite Entertainment and Liquid Comics announced today a publishing partnership to release Dead Soldier, an original four-issue comic book series from acclaimed filmmakers John Moore (Max Payne, Behind Enemy Lines and The Omen) and Richie Smyth. Artwork for the series was created by Liquid Comics’ Dean Hyrapiet (Virulents, Vooddoo Child, Snake Woman).

“Dead Soldier” is the culmination of vision from director Richie Symth and the powerhouse, avant-garde Liquid Comics that perfectly captures Liquid’s unique ability to create comic books that are electrifyingly visual. I’m thrilled to have been a part of getting Richie’s epic to page and ultimately to screen, with both Gotham Chopra and Sharad Devarajan, who stand head and shoulders above the rest in what has become a crowded market for labels. Liquid have their eye firmly fixed on the translation of great, graphic stories to screen,” commented John Moore.

Dead Soldier is the story of Colonel John Donner, aka John Doe. It’s the last days of World War One – the Great War. On an obscure patch of mud, a small company of American soldiers fights to the last man against a powerful German offensive. John Doe is the only American survivor of the attack. He wanders alone for days amongst the maze of trenches and blast holes. Shellshocked, badly wounded and without food or medicine, he is lost. Through a twist of events, Donner is transformed into a creature of unthinkable power, a monster that pledges he will avenge the deaths of his fallen comrades, not only on the muddy battlefields of WWI, but across the generations to the slaughter-fields of the “War on Terror.” With abnormal strength and agility he hunts his enemies. But Donner’s actions have not gone unnoticed – and he will soon face an enemy from a place he could never have contemplated.

“Dead Soldier represents a body of work conceived and nurtured to life by a team of truly trusting and inspiring minds, John, Gotham, Sharad and Dean. It’s the merging of worlds and just like any great story it’s all in the set up. Dead Soldier is a tale that brings the world as we know it to its knees. This is only the beginning,” added Richie Smyth.

“We are honored that John and Richie have allowed us to develop this epic story with them. Their creativity and vision for the project has been continuously inspiring,” Liquid Comics Co-Founder & CEO, Sharad Devarajan added, “We are also thrilled to work with Nick Barrucci and our partners at Dynamite to launch the comic book mini-series in stores this September.”

DEAD SOLDIER #1 (of 4)
Price $3.99
Format: 32 pages
Created by: John Moore & Richie Smyth
Writer: Richie Smyth
Artwork: Dean Hyrapiet (Voodoo Child; Virulents) & Liquid Comics

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