DEAD ROMANS #1 comes back to life with second printing

by Charles LePage

The first issue of the new historical fiction action comic DEAD ROMANS is being rushed back to print.

The press release follows:

Media Release — Up-and-coming writer Fred Kennedy and artist Nick Marinkovich’s all-new historical fiction adventure the Dead Romans has sold out instantly at the distributor level and is being rushed back to print by Image Comics in order to keep up with escalating demand.

DR_01_2nd-printing_CVR-A_c6815a0147f8285e3b5042ebb3626151 DEAD ROMANS #1 comes back to life with second printing

“Working on Dead Romans with Nick and Allison has been an amazing experience,” said Kennedy. “To see it being so well received is a great feeling. And if they liked the first issue, they’re in for a wild ride as the series continues…”

Marinkovich added: “We started Dead Romans very simply over drinks and a shared enthusiasm for the possibilities. To see the end result catch the eye of so many readers, so quickly….We’re smiling…”

DR_01_2nd-printing-CVR-B_c6815a0147f8285e3b5042ebb3626151 DEAD ROMANS #1 comes back to life with second printing

In Dead Romans, lush, beautiful illustrations bring to life a brutal tale of love and war from the birth of the Roman Empire. Arminius, a Germanic prince raised in Rome, has sworn vengeance against the Empire that butchers his people. He wants to make a queen of the woman he loves, Honoria, a fellow slave. Now, fifty thousand Romans will die to give her a throne she never asked for…or wanted.

Dead Romans #1, second printing and Dead Romans #2 will both be available at comic book shops on Wednesday, April 26 and are on Final Order Cutoff (FOC) for comic shop retailers this Monday, April 3:

Dead Romans #1, second printing Cover A – Diamond Code FEB238820
Dead Romans #1, second printing Cover B – Diamond Code FEB239057
Dead Romans #2 Cover A by Marinkovich – Diamond Code FEB230170
Dead Romans #2 Cover B by Marinkovich – Diamond Code FEB230171
Dead Romans #2 Cover C by Anwar – Diamond Code FEB230172
Dead Romans #2 Cover D by Walsh – Diamond Code FEB230173

Dead Romans is also available across many digital platforms, including Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, and Google Play.

081722C5-1 DEAD ROMANS #1 comes back to life with second printing

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