DC’s Metal Militia

by Matt Tuck

715824_batman-who-laughs-1-195x300 DC’s Metal Militia

DC Comics has been taking all my money lately. I go to my local comic shop, and whether I’m stocking up on “Metal” or prepping for “Doomsday Clock,” I’m inevitably walking out with an armful of DC’s titles. Not that I’m complaining.

DC Comics’ “Dark Nights: Metal” event has been the talk of the comic world, and the introduction of a new character is propelling those sales, so I’m not alone in the struggle.

Go on eBay right now, and you’re going to find a litany of comic covers featuring the bondage crusader, The Batman Who Laughs. The Batman/Joker hybrid has been the highlight of the epic Justice League storyline, and he has driven DC comic sales in recent weeks.

As “Metal” moves into its climax, DC is preparing to give us another reason to spend money on their comics. Starting next week, DC’s much-teased “Doomsday Clock” 12-issue series will kick off, and it will be hot. Fans have been waiting on this since “DC: Rebirth” began and we got a look at the Comedian’s button in the Batcave.

TIme will tell if the new face in the DC continuity will translate into valuable comics, but for now, you’re going to want to grab a few recent keys and see what happens. Seriously, if you are only paying cover price, where’s the risk?


Did I say cover price? Sorry. You’re not likely to find “Teen Titans” #12 at cover price anymore. Despite it only being two months old (it still has that new comic smell), this extremely hot issue is getting more expensive by the day. It’s too new to have any graded sales recorded on eBay just yet, but there are plenty of “raw” copies listed anywhere from $20 and up depending on which cover you prefer.

One of my go-to sites, ComicsPriceGuide.com, has “Teen Titans” #12 listed at $25 for either the regular cover or the Chad Hardin variant.

Why is this one jumping in value so quickly? In the pages of this particular issue, you’ll find the first full appearance of the aforementioned Batman Who Laughs. Speaking of…


Some of the local comic shops in my area restricted buyers to one copy per customer for “The Batman Who Laughs” #1. Why is it so popular? Most importantly, it gives us the full origin of this alternate dimension Batman. Secondly, it’s the first solo issue for the new character, albeit this is just for one issue. However, as popular as he has become, I expect we’ll see much more of The Batman Who Laughs in the future. Why wouldn’t DC keep him around? He’s got an awesome look, and Batman always needs new foes.

Like “Teen Titans” #12, “Batman Who Laughs” #1 is too new for there to be any graded copies on the market just yet. It is so new, in fact, that you’d hardly have time to get it to a grading company for processing much less have it slabbed and graded.

According to ComicsPriceGuide.com, “BWL” #1 is already valued at $21 for a 9.8 and $17 for a 9.6 (and why wouldn’t a brand new, off the shelf comic be anything but near mint?). Compare that to its $3.99 cover price, and you’re already making money. If DC puts the villain to good use, which is likely, this will only be worth more.

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