DC: Wonder Woman #5 Gets New Contents

by Jeff



February 16, 2007



WONDER WOMAN #5 (JAN070319), which was previously slated to feature the final chapter of the 5-part story “Who Is Wonder Woman,” will feature a new story when it arrives in stores on March 14.

dec060248d DC: Wonder Woman #5 Gets New Contents
Wonder Woman #5

This new story is by Will Pfeifer (CATWOMAN, AMAZONS ATTACK), with art by Jean Diaz, Geraldo Borges and Wellington Diaz and a cover by Terry Dodson & Rachel Dodson. In it, Wonder Woman learns that a new women’s movement has begun, inspired by her killing of Max Lord – and leaving Diana torn between the good intentions of the movement and the validation it gives her violent act. Worse yet, she’s ordered to investigate a possible connection between Wonder Woman and this movement by Sarge Steel and the department of Metahuman Affairs!

Chapter five of “Who Is Wonder Woman” will be rescheduled at a future date.

Retailers may adjust orders on WONDER WOMAN #5 (JAN070319) now through its final order cutoff date of Thursday, February 22.

Also, orders for the WONDER WOMAN: WHO IS WONDER WOMAN? HC (FEB070299) have been cancelled. This title will be resolicited at a future date.

feb070299d DC: Wonder Woman #5 Gets New Contents
Wonder Woman Who Is Wonder Woman Hc

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