DC Sales Charts for April 2007

by Jeff

Our thanks as always to Marc-Oliver Frisch and The Beat for providing this information.

Marc-Oliver Frisch writes “Thanks to a successful performance of the four-part World War III blockbuster series, DC Comics’ overall and average periodical sales in the direct market received a much-needed boost in April. World War III ended up in the Top 20 in its entirety, suggesting that retailers treated the book as four extra issues of the series it grew out of, the weekly 52. Two other high-profile launches in the publisher’s April line-up yielded mixed results: The crossover storyline “The Lightning Saga” significantly increased sales on Justice Society of America, but didn’t seem to have much of an effect on Justice League of America numbers. Amazons Attack, the publisher’s latest “big event” miniseries and one of the two main pillars of DC’s mainstream line for the foreseeable future, debuted with decent but underwhelming sales, increasing the pressure on May’s Countdown to deliver.”

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